Saturday, December 31, 2005

Immature ex communist

brusselsjournal comment reply

to be verify in feb 2006

Aid – and the control of its uses – is most effective if it is not channeled through government. What is needed is difficult – but not impossible – to transfer.

Know-how needs to be transmitted as that is the key of the door to prosperity. About forty years ago, my uncle, who as a CEO lived in an underdeveloped country in Latin America, phrased the point this way: if you want to help a shoe-maker in a jungle village you should order sandals for a hundred dollars. If you wish to ruin the guy you should just hand him the dough.

Friday, December 30, 2005

affirmative action for men is politically incorrect. that many women won't find educated male peers to marry says:

The problem was structural, feminists never tired of repeating: A system built by men, for men, was blocking women's way.
Today's shortage of men, by contrast, is largely ignored, denied, or covered up. Talk to university administrators, and few will admit that the imbalance is a problem, let alone that they're addressing it.


the education system is favoring quantity over quantitative skills. The result? American companies and research organizations that need to employ graduates in quantitative fields have to turn to foreigners. Already, an astounding 40 percent of all the master's degrees awarded by American institutions in science, engineering, and information technology go to foreign students, as do 45 percent of all Ph.D.s in those fields

Thursday, December 29, 2005

radical feminism disagree with the idea of banning the anti-feminists


I hate the idea of women-only, radical feminist threads here. I have read other boards that Heart posts on, and I think she is transphobic and a bully. I’m guessing that women-only in the context of Heart’s version of radical feminism is going to be limited to “womyn-born-womyn,

Monday, December 26, 2005

This is what you do when you can not find a good equal men

First they gave us gay adoptions.
Then gay marriage.
It wasn't long before polygamy, a practice dating back millenia, though invariably a negative institution even in -- especially in -- the Bible, came to the forefront again.

And, for now, the last taboo to fall is inter-species marriage. (Via K-Lo at the Corner)

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Linda Gottfredson suggests here g, Jobs, and Life you need an IQ of 110 to get a college degree, and in my opinion, 120+ to meet the information age, so more than half the American workforce ain't gonna make it.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Black Death Was Probably Not Bubonic Plague


Historically, epidemics of bubonic plague have been associated with enormous die-offs of rats.

“There are no reports of dead rats in the streets in the 1300s of the sort common in more recent epidemics when we know bubonic plague was the causative agent,” says Wood.

Instead of being spread by animals and insect vectors, the researchers believe that the Black Death was transmitted through person-to-person contact, as are measles and smallpox.

The geographic pattern of the disease seems to bear this out, since the disease spread rapidly along roadways and navigable rivers and was not slowed down by the kinds of geographical barrier that would restrict the movement of rodents.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

man's right to polygamy in Malaysia

"Last week, the Senate (Malaysia's Upper House) approved controversial amendments to the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Bill 2005.

Under the new Section 107A of the law, a husband is allowed to obtain an injunction preventing the disposition of property by a wife or a former wife.

The amendment also endorses man's right to polygamy without having to prove he is financially capable of treating his wives on equal footing before taking on another.

Upon taking a new wife, men can now seize property belonging to existing wives, and they are also given new rights to claim assets after a divorce, as well as less obligation to pay compensation and maintenance."



Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Let the Guardian Angels have chapters in Toronto.


I've never been a fan of the Guardian Angels, mainly because I only see them on trains going north (i.e., to whiter areas) here in the Chicago area. I recall only see them going south (i.e., to blacker areas), where the crime disproportionately takes place, on one occasion. That is ineffectiveness. And note that they only wanna set up shop in Toronto, now that a little white girl was murdered in downtown Toronto, and not when black folks were getting killed in Toronto. Take it from me, Felix...they ain't coming to your neighborhood.
# posted by Shay @ 10:39 PM

Comment from a reader:

Curtis Sliwa is a fraud that faked getting shot by the mob to look tough.He's famous for his catch phrases.He's the Italian version of Al Sharpton.Lee 01.10.06 - 11:17 am #

I SAY : Guardian Angels are Not the solution. Problem is too many lost kids growing to become thugs. Þ

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hirsi Ali is on Shay Riley's Booker Rising Bolg

Black Perspective and Introspection

Welcome to Black Perspective and Introspection; One of the best places in the Blogsphere to find insight from a Black perspective not beholden to White America.


On Booker Rising

As much as I generally find women from the African Horn region to be very attractive.....she is not among them. She looks like a tanned European....maybe that is why some folks think she's hot...because she has the European look. I am amazed at the prominence of this person on this blog. I had not visited this blog for several months and when I guessed it...her mug was on the page. What does this person demonstrate or manifest that makes her such a story topic on this Blog?

Noah Homepage 01.11.06 - 12:09 pm #

I SAY: she is like two former roomate. These two are one of the reasons I feel I understand better than most what Hirsi is saying and doing

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The EGBG anti-telemarketing Counterscript

Disclaimer: This is a free advert (and look at the quality of design, please give him a contract) no money has been paid to me.

copyright ©1994-2005 EGBG - martijn engelbregt

The Direct Marketing sector regards the telephone as one of its most successful tools. Consumers experience telemarketing from a completely different point of view: more than 92% perceive commercial telephone calls as a violation of privacy.

Telemarketers make use of a telescript - a guideline for a telephone conversation. This script creates an imbalance in the conversation between the marketer and the consumer. It is this imbalance, most of all, that makes telemarketing successful.

The EGBG Counterscript attempts to redress that balance

Good luck!

View and print the EGBG anti-telemarketing Counterscript as a pdf

Link Below for SUPERB image:

nieuwe uilenburgerstraat 5, 1011 lm amsterdam, the netherlands:
phone: 0031.20.6208784, fax: 0031.20.6209573, mobile:0031.6.26082709

Saturday, December 17, 2005

China is lifting a million people a month out of poverty



THOMAS SOWELL OP-ED: Curing Poverty Or Using Poverty?

The conservative Republican economist argues that leftists make a lot of noise about poverty but show little interest in how poverty has actually been reduced, whether in China or anywhere else:

"Since wealth is the only thing that can cure poverty, you might think that the left would be as obsessed with the creation of wealth as they are with the redistribution of wealth. But you would be wrong. When it comes to lifting people out of poverty, redistribution of income and wealth has a much poorer and more spotty track record than the creation of wealth. In some places, such as Zimbabwe today, attempts at a redistribution of wealth have turned out to be a redistribution of poverty. While the creation of wealth may be more effective for enabling millions of people to rise out of poverty, it provides no special role for the political left, no puffed up importance, no moral superiority, no power for them to wield over others."

# posted by Shay @ 8:13 AM

Friday, December 16, 2005

Cheating your wife is polygamy! French president Mitterrand was polygame, non

ëtre polygame ou tromper sa femme ?

La polygamie existe bel et bien chez nous:- Mitterrand était polygame, non ?

ses deux conjointes étaient bien ensemble lors de son enterrement. Ses deux familles avaient de fait un statut officiel, toutes les deux protégées par nos institutions...-

Le droit civil français reconnaît la polygamie de ses citoyens, si si ! en Guyane, où une tribu amazonienne ayant la nationalité française a le droit de pratiquer la polygamie.

Par ailleurs, comparons ce qui est comparable, quoi préférer entre :- un guss qui a une femme et une maîtresse, qui vit dans l'hypocrisie et le mensonge, qui traite de façon inéquitable l'une et l'autre ?- et un autre, polygame qui a deux épouses ayant les mêmes droits ; ce guss là n'a pas à mentir ni se cacher.

Quant aux femmes qui sont dans cette situation, laquelle est la moins dure ?celle de l'épouse trompée par son mari qui a une maitresse ?celle de la maitresse qui n'a aucune certitude sur l'avenir de sa relation et qui sait qu'elle a des relations avec un homme marié ?ou celle d'une co-épouse parfaitement au fait de sa situation, qui n'a pas à subir de mensonges ni hyprocrisie de son mari ?

Attention, je ne dis pas qu'être co-épouse est facile à vivre ni plus facile à vivre qu'épouse unique. Je crois que c'est plus facile à vivre qu'être épouse unique délaissée et trompée..

Quant à notre droit civil, il interdit la polygamie aux citoyens français résidant sur un territoire français(sauf en amazonie guyannaise), mais il n'interdit pas de tromper son conjoint.

Les nouvelles mesures de divorce considèrent que tromper son conjoint n'est pas une faute...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kim du Toit Writes = Remember what I said above: “Extreme measures also require extreme caution.”


I have little time for laws which allow the police to act like an invading army, simply because it makes their job easier

Ref: theothersideofkim

Kim du Toit is so correct in his view Ø

I am truly happy he is back in the saddle.


a_ Tools use - control Paris Riots the Famas_g2

b_Different king of week-end woman and a Young broad at that

Hope that Kim likes it Þ

Monday, December 12, 2005

Lost- Shannon races ... a gunshot ...! - The mystery of the shaft ...?

Episode review dedicated to Shannon :


The following links are illustrations of Maggie Grace (no money is being received to advertise Ms. Drace).
Hollywood Money Men: ! Please keep her in front of the public and invite her in your production.

Link for extra large :


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Secret Law in ? US-iztan

From Mark In Mexico:

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Secret Laws?
I have to agree with Kevin Drum on this one.
That is, if it's not against the law.
See also:Echidne of the SnakesPolitical GamesWampumunfutz

Original Original

WTF? Call me naive, but I've never heard of a secret law. I've heard of secret courts and secret evidence — which are bad enough already — but not secret laws. When did this happen?
End quote

Anne says:

Lets wait Þ

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Twisting swirling and waste - "No intercourse please -- were enlightened."

In my own field I often make the distinction between "activity" - as in "I'm working really hard" - and "progress" - the completion of the project is getting closer.

Usually progress requires activity, but activity is not an accurate indicator of progress.


sex marlowe

"No intercourse please -- were enlightened."

Sensitive, feminized and resentful, today's young men no longer have the sexual authority to please a woman -- no matter how much oral sex they perform....


article by Ann Marlowe at Salon

The polymorphously perverse, gender-is-just-a-construct future that radical feminists and academics used to dream of has actually arrived. Men no longer have any authority, either in their own eyes or in women's, the genders are distinguished socially mainly by stuff they buy, and eroticism has fled from the bedroom to the store. It's sexier for most of us to go shopping than to make love, and so we do....


Friday, December 09, 2005

Blogsphere likes beauty! also loves Lawyers ! but more maybe sexual titillation ?...Ø

If you do a search on Bloger you get these numbers:

743,426 posts matching miss world
290,719 posts matching miss world 2005
21,396 posts matching miss world naked
3,929 posts matching miss world nude
687 posts matching miss world 2005 nigeria
217 posts matching miss world 2005 nigeria lost
31 posts matching miss world althouse
1 posts matching miss world swinsuit




Sunday, December 11, 2005

The World's Most Beautiful Law Student is Icelandic
Iceland produces more than the world's best butter and medieval sagas:

AND THIS PERSON (one must be PC some of the time)

SAYS (small extract- Read the fine analysis done about these contestants):

My Swimsuit Predicts the Finalists for Miss World"
"Hi again, C. Thanks for granting me another opportunity to deliver my predictions for this year's Miss World beauty pageant. Once again it promises to be a fabulous pageant, as the world watches the anointment of its new female leader...."

Okay, on with my picks for the top three finalists...

Finalist #1: Miss Ecuador, Marielisa Marques Gutierrezecuador.jpg
Lots of controversy surrounds Miss Ecuador this year ...

Finalist #2: Miss Serbia & Montenegro, Dina Dzankovicserbia.jpg
Many say she has an unfair advantage being that she represents two countries ...

Finalist #3: Miss Russia, Yulia Ivanovarussia.jpg
I know, this last pick is something of a shocker as it means this is the first year that I haven't picked Miss China to be in the final three.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yes ? men dominate the fashion industry

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why do gay men dominate the fashion industry?


9:05 AM, December 08, 2005

brylin said... Ann said: "Why don't women dominate?"
At the risk of being ostracized like Larry Summers, I point to the following in today's Seattle Times:

"Just like human boys and girls, male monkeys like to play with toy cars while female monkeys prefer dolls, a research project has shown.

economy works.
9:43 AM, December 08, 2005

Bruce Hayden said... To me, it doesn't make a lot of scientific sense. The traits that would seem to give a gay man an advantage over a straight on in this area are, well, feminine. Such things as noticing and obsessing over details, matching, etc. And so why shouldn't women do as well?

10:06 AM, December 08, 2005

chuck b. said... I can't agree that obsessing over details is a feminine trait. Straight men appreciate the fine details of all kinds of things. Details are gender-neutral.
10:52 AM, December 08, 2005

Roger Sweeny said... Michael Vollbracht, the current designer of Bill Blass, said he believes that gay men are demonstrably superior at design, their aesthetic formed by a perception of a woman as an idealized fantasy.

So should we add to Althouse's Law: "You can talk about differences between men and women only if you phrase it to be complimentary to women."

"You can also talk about differences between gay and straight men only if you phrase it to be complimentary to gays."
11:00 AM, December 08, 2005

have changed.
1:46 PM, December 08, 2005

jim said... Have a family member in the fashion industry and am happy to provide some unPC stereotyping that exists within the industry:
Straight men (without shoe and lingerie fetishes) are normally into the tried and true and practical. They and "passing for hetero" designers do a lot of preppie and evening classics, unless they're Brit and then all bets are off. Non-designer regular guys are content if wives keep the same comfortable but fairly presentable shoes for twenty years,...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Le Q juste le Q, ( pour les autres: cul juste le cul )


1. f. Vigésima letra del abecedario español, y decimoséptima del orden latino internacional, que representa el mismo fonema consonántico oclusivo, velar y sordo de la c ante a, o, u, o de la k ante cualquier vocal. Su nombre es cu.
ORTOGR. En español se usa principalmente ante la e o i, mediante interposición gráfica de una u, que generalmente no suena; p. ej., en quema, quite.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The perfect marriage or SECRETS TO A HAPPY MARRIAGE

The perfect marriage is a deaf man and a blind woman Þ



1. It is important to find a man that cooks and cleans.
2. It is important to find a man that makes good money.
3. It is important to find a man that likes to have sex.

4. It is important that these three men never meet. Þ


Monday, December 05, 2005

glad to see the majority of you are color blind :>) I am a black female who dates white males.

sagascend in libertariangirl topic white_men_black.html

Betty - A lot of men want to have sex with women they don't want to marry. That's really the bottom line. From what I can see it is a lack of opportunity between White man and Black women. It's changing though.

Posted by: sagascend December 07, 2005 at 03:36 PM


Wow a loaded topic, but glad to see the majority of you are color blind :>) I am a black female who dates white males. My preference is by enviroment more than anything. I grew up in an all white, high school, neighborhood, and town in a rural area. Like some, my step grandfather was 100% Irish and I saw his pic everday of my childhood, right next to his 1/2 black 1/2 indian wife, Gertie. My real father and mother are black but my sister, who has a different very dark skinned father, looks white! Now I live in Orange County which is also all white. I moved because of a job and guess I didn't notice there was no change. I think if I had grown up in LA in a more even demographic (there were 2 black famlies in my town and one other black child in my grade) I might be attracted to other races. As I meet others however, my attractions expand to other races. This is my experince, it is not driven by illusions of wealth or stability or fear of abuse as some might suggest, just environment.
Posted by: OCgirl April 02, 2005 at 03:25 AM

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Kultur Culture Moeurs and 'fart tax'


In Italy, one does not drink cappuccino in the afternoon.
In Germany, one never points at other people.
In Holland, one does not put curtains in the window.
In America, you do as you please.

A 'fart tax' is to be imposed on New Zealand's livestock, such as these cattlenear Queenstown, to help combat global warming.
New Zealand 'Fart Tax' Causes a Stink

Friday, December 02, 2005

Widmore Laboratory.

"Widmore Construction"
construction food...
air dropped
Widmore Construction...the built the bunkers
Sun a connection
Michael worked for

a construction Henry

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vagina-stan Vagini-stan Peni-stan Wanki-stan Wonki-stan



Kos, the recently and freely elected King of Penistan, only has the most kindly thoughts for the tribe of Uteri. While the Uteri may think themselves proud citizens of an indepedent Vaginastan, kindly King Kos knows you are but the misguided children of a province of a greater Penistan.
From afar would be heard the wailing of wonks in far Wankistan, the province of Penistan least loved by the Uteri.
The Peni Then Would Know the power of the tribe of the Uteri, proud residents all of Vaginastan. But would the Wankers and Wonks be ruled by election of the would be conqueror Uteri called Condi or would they be ruled by the damned dem dame Hillari?
set yourself FREE...
King of Penistan has no clothes. His valiant pawns of Penistan who happily carry his water are merely a well paid roving band of DLC toadies and political operatives.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ann Althouse :Who is Muktar Mai? [S]he was gang-raped


there were a few comments that made me jump.
I used to admire all the posters here. Now I am wondering.

This will be a very long post so be patient and please read and use your brain!!!But I know that a few will post an answer as fast as they can move their finger.:

Comments:EddieP said... God bless Muktar Mai and her muslim sisters. They will be the salvation of, and driving force behind, the reformation of Islam.
I (Anne) say that hell will freeze before.

11:01 AM, November 04, 2005 Pastor_Jeff said... Ann,
What an encouraging and inspiring story! On the one hand, it's a terrible reminder of the real oppression many women still endure. And yet, it's ultimately about one woman turning personal tragedy and injustice into hope and opportunity for many others.
With all the examples of partisan sniping and political posturing, it's so easy to become cynical. Thanks for sharing this.

I (Anne) say: Another one who does not read the news. This was a very big story for a long time. My conclusion is that you are a) un-informed or b) "political posturing".

11:04 AM, November 04, 2005 Elizabeth said... I've been following Muktar Mai's story since it was first reported, maybe last year, if I recall correctly. I'm repeatedly blown away by her poise and resiliance. That's hard to come by, even in a culture that tries to be supportive of rape victims. Imagine having your rape framed as a formal act of justice.
I would like to see her and her allies get more Western support, especially from women. Western feminists are in conflict over how to respond to Islam; one side tends to be too accommodating, citing post-Colonialist doubts about the validity of Western critique of other cultures, particularly given the West's role in destabilizing those cultures, while the side I tend to support takes the stance that essential women's rights are not mutable, even though cultural expression may well be.
I use Marjane Satrapi's graphic novels Persepolis I and II, in two of my literature courses, one of which is also a women's studies course, and ran into conflict with a colleague over whether our students would take her story as being anti-Islam. I think our students are smarter than that, and it's my job to help them past that, anyway. Satrapi's work is autobiographical, and it's hard to argue that we should avoid her because her experience growing up in a secular family during the Iranian Marxist/Fundamentalist revolution complicates a muilticultural utopian outlook.
I think Muktar Mai similarly challenges feminists to expand our ability to view other women's experiences through their own perspectives.

I (anne) say that this is another one that is a verbo motor personality. (this is a very questioning query about the common sense of the writer)

12:53 PM, November 04, 2005 Synova said... This is fantastic. Good for her!
I'm at a total loss, though, to figure out how the heck gang raping her could have anything to do with restoring her family's honor because her brother was with a girl... unless... "with a girl" is a euphamism for sex, if not violent rape, at least fornication, so it was a matter of "you raped one of ours so now we get to rape one of yours, and that will make it fair."
I (Anne) would like to remind you that this is class / tribal thing. It was still done until very recently in Europe. It renders the young girl impure even for the male of her social group. Do not tell me that among your friends you have never heard the label "She is a whore" used to eliminate a wonan competitor.
Maybe they figure that this is better than destroying the brother for breaking the rules. I wonder what the punishment is supposed to be for someone who fornicates.

I (Anne)say that you should not demonstrate your ignorance that clearly.

I wonder if it would have involved the brother *and* the girl from the other village.
One of the arguments against making punishments too harsh is that the people in charge of doing the punishing won't apply it.
(Yes, it's easy to be curious about convoluted social reasoning when it's not happening to me. Also, it's a huge mistake to view understanding motivations as approval in any way shape or form.)

1:03 PM, November 04, 2005 Goesh said... I'm sure once muslim women can vote and don't have to wear sacks and cover their faces all will be well. Just say no to clitorectomy can be their campaign slogan of reformation as they march in jeans and mini-skirts in the islamic capitols of the world. After all, islam is a religion of peace. They should have nothing to fear.

I (Anne) say The sack is used in Yemen but no clitorectomy. Most places where women are subject to clitorectomy the women walk around naked. or bare breasted. We have two different situation here. In Indonesia they used to walk in jeans.

1:15 PM, November 04, 2005 wildaboutharrie said... Synova, no, the brother did not have sex with the girl from the other tribe:
"Mai's then 12-year-old brother Abdul Shakoor (pictured behind her) had been seen walking with a girl from the more influential Mastoi tribe; they demanded Mai's rape to avenge their 'honor.' Mai's family sat helplessly while she was dragged into a room, even as she screamed and pleaded for mercy. To further humiliate her, and make an example of those who would defy the power of local strongmen, she was paraded naked before hundreds of onlookers. Her father covered her with a shawl and walked her home."

I (Anne) say at least some body that got informed before commenting.

1:46 PM, November 04, 2005 wildaboutharrie said... (Sorry, I should have said "apparently" did not have sex with her...but I've been following this story for a while also and I've never heard it reported that the two young people had sex...)

1:48 PM, November 04, 2005 wildaboutharrie said... Synova, I'm confused, I think you're contradicting yourself or I'm addled with baby-brain:
You seem to be saying that taking the woman's perspective into consideration means you have to bow to the cultural norms, but then you say knowing her perspective affirms what is consistent across cultures.
It's an interesting question, anyway. And making it even more difficult is that so often practices we abhor - rape revenge, bride burning, female genital mutilation - are carried out or at least supported by many women.

I (anne) confirm that almost 98 percent of culture is transmited by women brvo for saying it
"And making it even more difficult is that so often practices we abhor - rape revenge, bride burning, female genital mutilation - are carried out or at least supported by many women." I know the Horn of Afrika culture and can certify that very few father approve of clitorectomy. But they go along because they must respect the elder women REPEAT : THE ELDER WOMEN
Even in this forum we have an elder women that want to dictate to younger generation and i name :Elizabeth

3:22 PM, November 04, 2005 Elizabeth said... PatCA,
I think the reasonable side is winning that debate in feminist circles, as we did in the 80s with anti-porn dogma.
Where I am led to agree with the post-colonialists is when they argue that Western feminists don't always have the best ideas on how to address women's issues cross-culturally, and need to listen to the women themselves, not just proceed with an assumption that we have all the answers. Asking "what do you need from me" can be more useful than "hey, here's how we do things in the First World."
In this case, notice that Muktar pursued her case, won in court, and used the money to build something that might make a difference in her local community.

I (Anne) say that if you get yourself informed you will find that she could not get justice in court. It is only when the US government (under influence of its citizen) twisted a few arm that Parkistan did the rigth thing.

3:35 PM, November 04, 2005 whit said... Synova:You wrote - "It affirms the fact that human rights ought to be applied across cultures. Women should not be raped or mutilated, children should not be sold, and it doesn't matter if these things are a normal part of the "culture."

I (Anne) say that these are only the values of the day - today. They will change with time. A few years ago young girls had their feet crippled in some asian culture. It does not happen any more. A few centuries ago European cultures arranged marriage...In a few centuries, if we do not control the population, people will recycle the dead in food (maybe)!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Woman in advertising Should Read Ann Althouse

Nancy Vonk Co-Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Toronto in

And by the way, can you imagine law or med school professors giving their female students the same advice? (Step aside, ladies, the boys will take care of the hard stuff. Enjoy motherhood you lucky girls.)



another big name that starts a question line and does not have a clue about what the rest of the world is living.

BUT AS A result somebody lost his job:

WPP's French Tells Why He Resigned

French tendered his resignation two weeks after he made controversial remarks about women at an industry event in Toronto.


I guess he did not have the money that Harvard has to build a "dummy" (meanning artificial)program.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On the west coast of Africa.. the language is Yoruba.

I SAY: Another nail in the PC Magik Land. See:

CaribPundit, a conservative blogger, writes: "Why, oh, why do new world blacks insist on learning Swahili as our African language? Look, I've got no beef with Swahili, per se.

It is just that Swahili, as the accepted language of New World blacks, is ahistorical.
Our culture is traceable to the west coast of Africa.'ll discover that the language is Yoruba.

............... However, when we yearn to recapture the language of long dead ancestors.............

stop fooling ourselves about Swahili."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blackbird wing corrugated - Fun fact for UFO maniacs and Art Bell fans

Studies of the aircraft's titanium skin revealed the metal was actually growing stronger over time due to the intense heating caused by aerodynamic friction, a process similar to annealing.

Major portions of the upper and lower inboard wing skin of the SR-71 were actually corrugated, not smooth.

The thermal expansion stresses of a smooth skin would have resulted in the aircraft skin splitting or curling.

By making the surface corrugated, the skin was allowed to expand vertically as

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harold Pinter and VS Naipaul

Best overall best writer in the world is VS Naipaul.
Reading him is like eating chocolate.You may not like what the story is all about but the play of the words is sensual experience

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Many black Americans really have African surnames

GREGORY KANE COMMENTARY: Black History Is Much More Complex And Fascinating Than We’ve Been Taught
The black conservative Republican columnist asks: How many black Americans really have African surnames that they think are European surnames?


'His name was Belali Mohomet. ‘Belali,’ spelled in various ways, is a common Muslim name…Belali slides easily into the English ‘Bailey,’ a common African surname ......

"""""""""""read all of it

I have a problem. These are Muslim not Afrikan names .

See other post about Swahili

UPDATE ************************
Blog Consolidation by Shay

AS posted on

Blog Consolidation
It's getting too burdensome to have my personal blog here, and also post at Booker Rising - our daily news site targeting black moderates and black conservatives. So we're consolidating the two blogs, and material here is being moved over there. Go check out Booker Rising!

posted by shay at 6:48 PM Trackback (0) Thursday, October 28, 2004

Monday, October 03, 2005

Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy

Ann Althouse said...
Gerry: It's a dysfunctional situation, portending immense social problems. Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy and unmatched females at the top -- with the two groups enlarging over time. You don't worry about that?
7:45 AM

This situation has been lived in other times and places.

exemple-a: after both wars europe had strong imbalance

Solution 1: Become part of the groupies or harem of older wiser Man (Men)
Solution 2: marry below and play pretend (a much used solution)
Solution 3: become missionary and then in other place in the world use a mix a solution 2 and 1.

Other exemple: Caribeen (Sp?) Solution 1 and 2 apply

Final exemple: USA today Be single and get baby from plastic bottles then in next generation problem is solved.

Only impediment is that a strong woman sees her heirs loosing their life with loosers or worst.

Society looses nothing but its culture because replacement population will be latinos and asians.

Is that good or part of gods'plan? Þ Þ

Anne who is sad!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Idiots are most ingenious

You can't make anything idiot proof because idiots are so ingenious.

Ron Burn

I do not know who is Ron Burn but it is confirmed every day.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Finally, something good coming from German appeasement policy.

  • ********************

    Sorry to debunk your fabulous Google ranking on "German appeasement policy".

    You are simply freeloading

    Of course Google is a machine and can't understand this.

    leade Google with... say... Bulgarian appeasement policy

    Or try with "krzzzzz sex". Easy. But pointless.

    Posted by: Querdenker August 06, 2005 at 11:25 PM

    Niko, Medienkritik comes up top because these three terms appear next to each other, unlike in other websites that deal with appeasement policy regarding Germany. (It's a known trick of search engine optimizers to do the three word combo, with many terms on different pages, to impress their clients. You only find out whether the optimizer really did hard work by searching for the three word combo in scare quotes. If only a few listings come up, no reason to brag about your work).

    Try Israeli appeasement policy or Israel appeasement policy. I guess you will agree that no such thing exists. Check what comes up

    OK, now for the good thing: If you just google appeasement policy, Medienkritik comes up 4th (funny that didn't happen when I checked before, google isn't predictable). Now that seems

    If you make the top ten with "appeasement" alone... now that has a lot to do with other sites linking to you. Blogs do have an advantage because with all the crosslinking going on they are pretty popular at Google, often more than a site that may have much better info about the term. The "frequent update factor" also plays a role here. Google likes sites that change often.

    Oh and Heise can be quite educating. I learned a lot about the elusive "Gepardenforelle" there :-)

    Posted by: Querdenker August 07, 2005 at 01:33 AM

    All very fine Querdenker but it's just useless technological wankery. Shoot does anyone use AltaVista anymore? DogPile? I found Medienkritic via a site I followed a URL on Slashdot too.

    Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom August 07, 2005 at 01:42 AM

    Not really useless: If you bring a site with "used Mercedes cars in Berlin" to the top that means sales. Those "wankers" make quite a few bucks with that.

    Google "Sock Puppet of Doom". Heh

    Posted by: Querdenker August 07, 2005 at 01:50 AM

    Incoming links are important when it comes to one or two common terms you want to have in the top ten... with a combo of three a perfect title tag (plus relevant text) will do just fine often. So relax, man.

    Posted by: Querdenker August 07, 2005 at 02:54 AM

    Wow, things must be pretty slow if all you can argue about is our google

    Posted by: RayD August 07, 2005 at 05:14 AM

    Sunday, July 31, 2005

    One can not be anonymous on top of a mountain

    This person lived in those days when spam and flame war did not exist

    What's in a Name? Some Reflections on the Sociology of Anonymity

    Monday, July 25, 2005

    The Island looks to have an octagonal structure




    escape hatch in the hull floor ... against various soft targets such as buildings and bunkers. ... includes advanced multi-layer ....................built-in thirdLaboratory.




    Check out this fully annotated map courtesy of Sledgeweb. Lots of interesting goodies....

    Friday, June 17, 2005

    jerry arkive CHAOS MANOR

    Tuesday, This is from another conference. James Guest is an Australian party leader and intellectual. You may think of this as a Guest editorial:
    Why do intellectuals get things so wrong so often?
    September 27, 2005
    Leading Australian conservative Owen Harries, in The American Interest, on a poor academic track record
    ON political matters, intellectuals tend to share two characteristics: they are slaves to fashion; and, on the big questions, they tend to get things hopelessly wrong.
    Intellectuals generally are prone to run together. Beneath their often savage surface differences and scorn for orthodoxy, there is usually a surprising degree of uncritical acceptance of erroneous views concerning the way things are and, in particular, the way things are going.
    Thus, if you had been an intellectual living in 1910 or thereabouts, it is more than likely that you would have subscribed to the view, propagated by Norman Angell in The Great Illusion that war was a dying institution (because it did not pay), and that the forces of capitalism - technology, free trade and liberal rationality - were rapidly creating a peaceful and borderless world. You would have been wrong, of course. But the fact that an unprecedentedly bloody war followed soon afterwards did not prevent Angell from being awarded a Nobel prize in due course.
    Had you been a typical intellectual 25 years later, on the other hand, you would have believed the exact opposite: that, with the Great Depression, the world was witnessing the death throes of capitalism and liberalism, that the failed system was destroying itself due to its "internal contradictions". To replace it there was a "coming struggle for power", to quote the title of another enormously influential book by John Strachey, a fight to the death between fascism and communism.
    Indeed, the belief that capitalism was finished remained intellectual orthodoxy in Europe well into the next decade . . . At the end of the 1940s, the influential editor and man of letters Cyril Connolly was saying . . . "It is closing time in the garden of the West and from now on an artist will be judged only by the resonance of his solitude or the quality of his despair." All this as the West was on the eve of the biggest surge of economic prosperity in human history, brought about by the supposedly terminally ill capitalist system.
    Go on another couple of decades and the prevailing intellectual view was that the totalitarian communist system was indestructible, the Soviet Union was winning the Cold War, and the US, defeated by a peasant army in Vietnam, torn by internal dissent, disgraced by Watergate, was losing it.
    As late as 1984, the intellectuals' favourite economist, John Kenneth Galbraith, was insisting that "the Soviet system has made great material progress in recent years", and that "the Russian system succeeds because, in contrast with the Western industrial economies, it makes full use of its manpower." Even later, in 1987, a history book Paul Kennedy's The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers made an enormous impact in intellectual circles when it depicted the US as suffering badly from "imperial overstretch" and facing decline. And later still, into the 1990s, it was widely predicted that Japan and perhaps Germany(!) would soon overtake America economically.
    Nor should one forget the apocalyptic conclusion of the Club of Rome in the 1970s - that unless prompt and drastic action was taken to limit population and industrial growth, the world would self-destruct by the end of the century - which was enthusiastically seized on by most intellectuals. Before the end of the decade, the club's book, The Limits to Growth, had sold four million copies and become the bible of the enlightened.
    And so it goes. Why do intellectuals get things so wrong, so often? . . . Is all this worth bothering about? Probably, yes. We are living at the beginning of an epoch whose essential character still awaits definition. At present, several competing herds of independent minds are careering around, noisily insisting that their preferred label - American hegemony, borderless world, rise of the Asian giants, postmodern world, ecological catastrophe, war on terrorism, etc - does the trick. As we listen to them, it will do no harm, and it might do some good, to bear in mind what an appalling record of prediction intellectuals have had in the past century.
    James Guest
    And there was this reply:
    It occurs to me, in fact, that the list of major intellectuals who got things RIGHT would be, though short, quite illuminating.
    ---Burke (and John Adams) on the French Revolution
    ---Bertrand Russell on the Russian...
    Interesting to note that Orwell, now regarded as the sage of his time, was flat wrong about everything. Not one of his predictions came true.
    This is a unfair to Norman Angell, who described early in the 20th Century in detail just how horrible a new European War, fought with the full power of industrialization, would be. His argument was that such a war would be a disaster for all sides and that peace and trade made far more sense. He was much more right than all those who went to war in August 1914 assuming they would be victorious by Christmas.
    Dr. Pournelle,
    Regarding Orwell being wrong... I don't buy the flat statement that he was completely wrong. Was he wrong, or did he instead shape the future as people made conscious decisions to guide society away from the future he saw? Or is he still right, just not yet?
    Yes, my television isn't (yet) reporting back my conversations but my cable box is not only reporting what I watch, it contains industry mandated and government supported circuitry that dictates what content I can watch, what I can do with such content even after it makes it inside my house, I can go to jail for circumventing electronics in a device I purchased, and I can go to jail for even longer for telling others how to do the same.
    So how wrong was Orwell again?
    Sean Long
    Victor Hanson has some stinging words in the Wall Street Journal:
    "In a world of intellectual integrity, Robert Birgeneau would ask, 'Why are Asians excelling, and what can Berkeley do to encourage emulation of their success by other ethnic groups?' Denice Denton might wonder whether open hiring, monitored by affirmative action officers, applies to university staff or only those who are not associates of the president. President Hoffman would decry Ward Churchill's crass behavior and order a complete review of affirmative action and the politicized nature of hiring, retention, and tenure practices at Colorado. And Larry Summers? In the old world of the campus, he would defend free inquiry and expression, and remind faculty that all questions are up for discussion at Harvard."
    I work at Caltech, which is somewhat buffered from the trends Hanson declaims. But the U.S. can't function solely on places like Caltech; it needs well-run liberal-arts university programs (and universities) as well. This worries me.
    --Erich Schwarz
    On another matter entirely:
    Subject: Codecs
    Jerry, I just read and enjoyed your latest column. On the issue of codec, please check out: . I recommend the full version. Their executable examines the codecs on your system, upgrades where necessary, adds new ones and just keeps your system up-to-date. It leaves any standard codecs untouched. During installation, select 'decode only' and make sure to add the Indeo drivers which are not checked by default. It just works.
    Cheers, Fred Collington
    Thanks. I will have to try that.
    On electronic publishing:
    Dear Jerry:
    As you know, I have a little experiment going called Francis Hamit Electronic Publishing. So called because it distributes my previously published magazine articles (mostly). To do this, I had to characterize them as e-books. So it ain't rocket science. Anyone can do it. Register your copyrights before you publish. Details at the Copyright Office web site,
    Step number one is to have a clean copy of your text prepared in whatever format you are going to publish it in. If you convert it from another format (such as Wordperfect to Word) you will have to re-edit it to detect and correct unintended artifacts and odd paragraphing and word wraps. Then determine which format you want to publish it in (I use Adobe Reader and MS Reader). You will have to re-edit for the same problems. (Hint: you have to print it out at every stage to be sure and really examine it closely for errors.) If you want to control customer copying then I recommend you use a high security level and never use HTML, which is designed not just to be copied, but rewritten easily.If you value your work, you must retain control of it. Using HTML is giving it away.
    Step number two is to buy a group of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) from R.R. Bowker, the ISBN agent for this nation. You will need a separate one for every version of every title. So, if you have an e-book in Palm, Adobe and MS Reader, that's three ISBNs, not one. Further information at the Bowker web site, including prices.
    Step number three is to contact Lightning Source, Inc at their web site. They distribute e-books and e-documents to the online bookstore trade. The discount from the retail price is 55%, but you set the price. This will get you on Amazon, Powells, El;ibron, Fictionwise, Diesel E-books, and dozens of affiliated sites, and not just here, but in the UK, Australia, France, Canada, Germany and Japan. Amazon alone has 50 million potential customers.
    Lightning Source also does Print on Demand books in various formats, so you can republish hard copies which are produced as customers buy them. Perfect for out-of-print books.
    Part of this process is creating or hiring someone to create designs for book covers. These are done as JPEG images and can be done with MS Paint or a similar program Leigh does all of mine. These get uploaded on Lightning Source along with the text of your products.
    Lightning Source pays ninety days after the sale, once a month. They send the money to your bank account. Once you have everything set up, you just collect the money. They have been waiving the set-up fee for e-books for some time now and that offer is good until the end of the year, at least. I also recommend that you read The Long Tail web site to better understand how online niche markets work.
    Now of course, there are little quirks and a learning curve, but if you want to take your out of print work and get it out electronically you can do it. I've been promising a handbook on all this, but we are still figuring it out and are not quite ready for that yet. Anyone who wants to see what a finished e-document looks like can go online at Amazon or one of the other sites and buy one of mine.
    Francis Hamit

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    ALAIN Juppée et les francois constipé

    Bon ben je vois que vous avez tout un tas de
    gens constipé
    sur ce blog.
    Il y a des centaines de blog de francais qui sont ici ou qui veulent y venir.
    Ils sont tres bien écrit pour la plupart.Il y en a quelques uns qui sont en language de teletext.
    Mais dans tout les cas les commentaires sont bref et en language "décontractée".
    J apprecie que vous avez a porté un étandard et j'approuve le ton que vouz vomme auteur utilisé.
    Mais vos lecteurs
    Y poura ti pas u aller plus molo.
    Y on droit d etre Zen.
    A lire vos reaction Chers autre commentateur on croirait entendre des petit politiciens de la campagne profondes.
    Vos textes sont digne de journeaux de combat ou de la colone des lecteurs d un de vos quoditien favoris.
    Il sont bien
    Mé la vous avez donc rien compris au bloc-blog.
    Lachez vos grand discours et descendez de vos grands chevaux .
    Allez y au plus court.
    Le monsieur qui ecrit est en classe avec du vrai monde .
    Il va en entendre d autres.
    Il est pas au parlemnt.
    Dieu du ciel, Y va falloir que nous autres on s en mêle. Si non ce ne sera pas le blog d un ex-pat qui enseigne mais la plateforme du tas de petit "franca" de con crissé
    (note Ici ce mot s écrit en un seul mot. Il est decomposé en sylable pour que les lecteur de l'autre cote de la grosse riviere comprennent.)
    Bon j arrete la "pa ce que" je ne sais pas si la censur va couper ou meme accepté mon texte.
    Luc Vautour
    PS.M le Professeur:
    J aime le blog et je lit et lirai avec plaisir meme si on me censure.Je crois que vous merité que le vra peupe d ici vous lise.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Les tabous français

    Les tabous français................

    Afin de vous être utile, voici les sujets sur lesquels il faut, de préférence, éviter de s'exprimer, ou, si l'on y est contraint par des circonstances funestes, il faut n'en dire que du bien et du positif sans avoir peur de forcer la note,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Et surtout, surtout, ne JAMAIS faire preuve d'humour, ou pire, d'ironie. Ne pas suivre ce conseil vous expose à porter à vie une étiquette infamante (raciste, esclavagiste, pédophile, anti-social, sans-coeur, macho, etc.)


    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    while females evolved two alternative strategies :madonna or whore!


    Are women really less interested in sexual variety?

    My own modest proposal is that during our long evolutionary history most males pursued trysts to spread their genes, while females evolved two alternative strategies to acquire resources: some women elected to be faithful to a single man in order to reap a lot of benefits from him; others engaged in clandestine sex with many men to acquire resources from each.
    This scenario roughly coincides with common beliefs: man, the natural playboy; women, madonna or whore.

    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Blog de maria la crazyyy

    Blog de maria la crazyyy
    Jeudi 14 Juillet 2005
    Ja Ja !!!!!

    Journee tres enrichissante aujourd hui ...g bcp parle allemand, bcp surtout on a ose me dire ke "Ja Ja " ca ne veux pas dire "oui oui " mais " leche moi de cul !" ...HE oui c la grosse honte des kon me demande qqch depuis le debut je dis "Ja Ja " paske jM bien dire "Ja " et puis jsuis telment contente kan jcomprend skon me demande ke jle dis avec enthousisame ! mais non maintnant je le sais Ja Ja ne se dit PAS ....enfin bon bonne crise de rire je suis pardonnee paske je suis francaise et dc je nT pas supposee le savoir :))

    A part ca jsuis tte get sss paske g mange en tete a tete avec Guido ( the boss) ce midi ..paskon a pris notre pause un peu tard donc jy croyais meme pas kan il me posait la kestion : il ma demande si javais un petit ami! g dit il ma demande sil me mankais...g dit oui ! et il ma dit ke si je voulais il pouvait venir me voir suffit juste ke je le tienne au courant !!! alors ca peut vous paraitre tout logik ...mais non pas forcement paske je suis deja super chokee par la confiance kils ont en nous ( mon colloc et moi) ..paskon vit vraiment ds lentreprise, la cuisine est ds le labo, tout le monde laisse son bureau ouvert..on a acces aux ordis pour surfer kan on veut .. salle de bain est a cote du bureau du big boss... :) bref javais peur ke ca se fasse pas trop de ramener qqun :))) Et en fait c le big boss lui meme ki a dit ca au sous big boss ( la pauvre petit francaise elle riske de se sentir perdue sans son copain...) !! franchement ils sont vraiment trop sympa...deja kils sont grave aux petits soins avec moi ...alors la!! kon me le propose JADOOOREE ...dc coco si tu lis mon blog t le bien venu...tu vas connaitre tte la boite et le ptit dej le matin la tete ds lcul ce sera avec ts les inge :))

    voili voilou a part ca je me sens un peu mieux avec l allemand...mais bon jcomprend pas tout encore ...loin de la :))

    haaaa joubliais journee de chaleur HORRIBLE AFFREUX IMMONDE ...pfffiuouuu laisse tomber en plus pas moyen de mettre des tongs ou une jupe ( trop dangereux au labo) dc jean et chaussure et blouse et gants et lunettes ....TRANSPIRATION bouhhhh trop relou de travailler par ce temps...c bizzarre jtrouve ke chak ville a sa chaleur et la c ETOUFANT A SOUHAIT ....on mavait deja di kici kan il fait froid il fait froid et kan il fait chaud il fait vraiment CHAUD ( merci maria pour cette grande reflexion ) :))

    sinon pas mal g fe un deal avec mon ingenieur lui prepare une solution pour 8h30 demain et je ne bosse pas de lapres midi ( mais bon la solution il faut au moins 2 h pour la preparer et fo ke je calcule qq trucs) ....mais c bon plan ca ...jvais faire bronzette tte lapres midi hihaaaa :))

    bis baldddd


    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Stéphanie Armangau,

    Beauvais !? Je viens de Rouen. Et j'ai fais mes études au Havre...

    Stephanie ARMANGAU
    25, the Esplanade
    Suite 1218
    Toronto, ON, M5E 1W5

    Stéphanie Armangau - Présidente Parfums Passion
    Adresse professionnelle :
    Parfums Passion 30, rue Pigeon 76420 Bihorel

    FRBC8- Journal Clin d’Oeil, Stephanie Armangau, 30 rue Pigeon, FR-76420 Bihorel, FRANCE.
    Vente et échanges de miniatures, cartes parfumées, flacons et factices. Expositions didiées à GUERLAIN. Grange de la Petite Madeleine le 06.10.2002. 76420 Bihorel

    Information transmise par Stéphanie ARMANGAU ( le 05/09/2002

    hissyOk here goes. I found the website a bit distracting with all the ads, they kept getting in the way of reading the text. I found your cause to be heartwarming, but I also as I read came to understand that you do not have time to do any of the things you talk about and are asking for volunteers to do them all for you. You need to run interviews, but you have no car, you want to save cats, but you have no money to do so. You want to promote your website, but you have no money to do that either, so you want others to do it for you.

    Sounds like a giant pill to swallow, and though overly ambitious without a real clear direction, you may find many people not willing to help you. Getting advertising for any website is extremely difficult. You need to submit to search engines, and the search engines that used to be free long ago, now cost to submit. Perhaps a better plan for you would be to find people in your immediate area who could foster cats from the shelter you are involved in. That would be a welcome relief for the shelter volunteers and a welcome respite for the cats freed from living in cages.

    The french probably comes from the advertising that shows on the page. Click on the text in the wrong place and suddenly all you see is advertising written in French.
    TNR1stefarma..I don't think anyone is trying to be mean to you....but you are definately taking on a lot more than you yourself can handle and without having the network already in place (the interviewers, home checkers etc) it is going to be difficult to get your idea off the ground. That being said...I'm not sure why you are trying to tackle the entire process...I thought you were going to provide a website where people could post about cats available...not charge them and then try to find each cat a home. I think you have a wonderful heart and you can certainly help the cats in Toronto...but I think you need to start small (ie pictures of cats looking for advertizing other than your website) and see where it goes from there.


    Sunday, May 01, 2005

    Blog post for 2006

    Male Provisioning, Polygyny Constraints, and Sexual Selection
    Feminist were quite shortsighted in their mindset
    analysis shows three human migrations out of Africa
    France is kaput, gone, finished!
    A true eccentric cannot behave otherwise vs tattoo
    The truth (or not) ?is that Islam has always had a sense of humor
    Women want to be wanted by men who can get hot women
    Now we have designer facts, We can't handle the truth
    SLEEP WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT, do not follow fashion
    dream of men has been to not have to work anymore and spend time going fishing
    Writing Tips for the lazy by scalzi
    Cases in which the subjunctive mood is correct! you intransigent, four-flushing knave!
    Indonesian will be sending around eight million workers
    Caca de toro, taurus excreta, bull feces
    tomb raider lara croft karima adebibe
    Analysis and moral evaluation
    karima adebibe lara croft tomb raider
    Eva Green exciting New James Bond Girl
    Harvard, Summers and The pussification of the academic man by fem-nazis and radical "wemyn"
    Claudy after school
    Control the past.. control the future,...national-security policy, the battle ... control is heating up.
    The law was powerless to help.. not harm
    Male surplus problem ? in a... country that adopted polygamy.
    value of a home is determined by the rent it could fetch
    Alpha male and lies girls tell in .......
    why should women want to do it
    Poly amory ,, poly marriage
    Fidelity isn't natural... the resistance to polygamy is much more powerful
    Affirmative action fools no one.
    Divorce and slavery
    Marriage is prostitution with compulsory brand-loyalty.
    Polygamy...render low-status men ...unmarriageable
    Quebec France exception cultural
    France used to be nation of shop keeper
    Australians are very old race/Ethnie/clad
    Peak gold now-after peak copper and peak oil
    Secret of the rainbow
    today gender-neutral society" does not like... problem of "unemployed manliness."
    Question to wymon
    Cancer is a business.. a big business
    Arab lost causes
    Bush looks very g..god
    It was how we paid them back
    Single woman ..Love..Sex..."college degree" are just high priced work permits
    Space provided for comments from Contemporary Ideologies
    Is she an insecure Physician or Snobbish woman
    Mob Rule...departmental disputes, professors
    segregation and integration
    Spengler katrina China ethnic cleansing
    Visitors-qui etes-vous-Who are you

    Saturday, April 30, 2005

    Eddie and Jennifer

    Ann Þø said...


    Poor little mama boy!!

    Never read so many words of self-complaisance.

    You must think very highly of yourself....

    It shows that you can write maudli-ee-en stuff.

    Now go get a drink and make a man of yourself.


    3:39 PM

    Sunday, April 17, 2005


    Franck is the contct


    2016 rue Sherbrooke Est
    (Sherbrooke / Bordeaux)
    Métro plus proche: Papineau (5 min de marche)

    Beatriz de ELIZALDE
    Business Développement

    QUALIGRAM – Process Management Software
    2016 rue Sherbrooke
    Montréal, (Québec) H2K1B9
    Tél. (514) 288 0871
    Cell. (514) 826 7825
    Fax. (514) 288

    Friday, April 15, 2005

    A villanelle is a poem of nineteen lines

    I saw that:

    "Duchamp's urinal is the wellspring of her rage", in which there must, MUST, be a poem somehow. Perhaps a villanelle.

    Then I researched and found that:


    Poetry Site
    Caron Andregg
    BellaOnline's Poetry Editor

    The Art of the Villanelle

    A villanelle is a poem of nineteen lines, arranged in six stanzas. This poetic style is named for the French poet Francois Villon (1431-1474). François Villon was a French poet, thief, and general vagabond. He is perhaps best known for the writings he penned while in prison. Born of poor folk, his father died when he was young. He lived a hardscrabble life among the wilder youth of the university of Paris. He got into trouble for various quarrels involving knives, and for robbing churches. Troubled though he was, his keen mind invented the villanelle, a poetic form that was particularly well-suited to the French language.

    It is more difficult to write a good villanelle in English, but the Dylan Thomas poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is a fine example of the style, as is "The House on the Hill" by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Sylvia Plath experimented with villanelles in her college days, enjoying the form's inherent challenges.

    snip.. see comments for more..
    Ann Þ

    Copyright Jody Zolli 2003

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    Penishere, Wankistan ! new geography in the US of A

    The Penisphere?
    Submitted by tas on March 1, 2005 - 19:54
    tas's blog

    How about "Peepeetopia"? Or "Wankistan"?
    The Circle Jerk of Wankistan™ - Geometrically explained

    Submitted by tas on March 11, 2005 - 02:23
    tas's blog

    Via Newshog, Kevin Drum has a few graphs showing us where all a-list bloggers in the blogosphere wankistan throw their links to.

    That's quotable
    Submitted by tas on March 13, 2005 - 15:59tas's blog

    David has a good post about the lack of support the a-list lefties give to the smaller blogs in the blogosphere wankistan.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Gloria Steinem, Susan Sontag

    This moronic idiocy, which first appeared in a low-circulation, leftist, feminist rag, is being reprinted in Germany’s most important conservative newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

    Our American friends might well see her as a mediocre intellectual not unlike Gloria Steinem, Susan Sontag and Michael Moore – only uglier.. You know what I mean… (Here's a picture of Alice Schwarzer . She's the cutie on the left).

    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    psychobabble-exposing their shallowness

    The interlocutors speak, and appear to think, in pure

    psychobabble, that debased and vague confessional language that allows people to imagine they are baring their souls when in fact they are exposing their shallowness.

    This is something the author does not notice because she herself belongs to the psychobabble culture.

    Tuesday, February 22, 2005

    request to repost the "How to send me hate mail"


    Honestly, if you're going to take the time to tell me how much you hate me, make some effort to do it in a way that's not going to bore me. I've been called an "asshole" so many times in hate mail that it's just lost all its charm, as have all the major profanities. So, I take points off for profanities, unless they're used in really new and exciting ways.

    Here's a quick workshop on that, using that old reliable, "Fucker":

    "Fucker" -- No good. Plain. Uninspiring. Trite. Hardly registers a blip. Needs oomph. Needs... a modifer!

    "Toad Fucker" -- Better. "Toad" is not the usual modifier here, so that's good, and of course it's an interesting mental visual

    ....."Choad Mongering Krill Fucker" -- Now we're talking. This insult works on so many levels. "Choad," of course, is a great piece of slang, not nearly utilized to its full potential in everyday invective, so it's still a nice fresh slap to start the insult. "Mongering," likewise a great verb: Sounds great, first off, but also obscure enough to thrill -- after all, who mongers very much anymore? "Krill Fucker" implies that you're so hard up you'd screw a baleen whale's morning snack and, inasmuch as krill are microscopic shrimp, it also says you have a dinky little wanger (otherwise, of course, how could you fuck a krill? It'd just break apart). ....

    Sunday, February 20, 2005

    How to be insulting with class

    a sample :

    You are not as clever or as funny as you might think. We will see whowins the next election. Better get someone besides Gore if you want towin. A "W" woman

    Hmm, I'm not as funny or clever as I think, but apparently I'm clever enough to make her want to write to me. Okay, I responded to this one, too:


    Of course my buddy Mike Gallagher reads my e-mails on his radio program.But Liberal Idiot Molly Ivins doesn't have the time to write back. And she knowsI'm right. I don't apologize for backing someone who stays above the desk insteadof having young girls below. Still a "W" woman with a brain thank you very much.Only the liberals have to resort to insults to make a point.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    Reminds me of jesse Jackson: lot of Jews there

    Did you ever hear anybody say, "Don’t go into that neighbourhood, it is very dangerous, there are a lot of Jews there"?

    Just seem to indicate that the more intelligent people are also wise and tranquil

    Ann Þ