Friday, October 21, 2005

Woman in advertising Should Read Ann Althouse

Nancy Vonk Co-Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Toronto in

And by the way, can you imagine law or med school professors giving their female students the same advice? (Step aside, ladies, the boys will take care of the hard stuff. Enjoy motherhood you lucky girls.)



another big name that starts a question line and does not have a clue about what the rest of the world is living.

BUT AS A result somebody lost his job:

WPP's French Tells Why He Resigned

French tendered his resignation two weeks after he made controversial remarks about women at an industry event in Toronto.


I guess he did not have the money that Harvard has to build a "dummy" (meanning artificial)program.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On the west coast of Africa.. the language is Yoruba.

I SAY: Another nail in the PC Magik Land. See:

CaribPundit, a conservative blogger, writes: "Why, oh, why do new world blacks insist on learning Swahili as our African language? Look, I've got no beef with Swahili, per se.

It is just that Swahili, as the accepted language of New World blacks, is ahistorical.
Our culture is traceable to the west coast of Africa.'ll discover that the language is Yoruba.

............... However, when we yearn to recapture the language of long dead ancestors.............

stop fooling ourselves about Swahili."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blackbird wing corrugated - Fun fact for UFO maniacs and Art Bell fans

Studies of the aircraft's titanium skin revealed the metal was actually growing stronger over time due to the intense heating caused by aerodynamic friction, a process similar to annealing.

Major portions of the upper and lower inboard wing skin of the SR-71 were actually corrugated, not smooth.

The thermal expansion stresses of a smooth skin would have resulted in the aircraft skin splitting or curling.

By making the surface corrugated, the skin was allowed to expand vertically as

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harold Pinter and VS Naipaul

Best overall best writer in the world is VS Naipaul.
Reading him is like eating chocolate.You may not like what the story is all about but the play of the words is sensual experience

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Many black Americans really have African surnames

GREGORY KANE COMMENTARY: Black History Is Much More Complex And Fascinating Than We’ve Been Taught
The black conservative Republican columnist asks: How many black Americans really have African surnames that they think are European surnames?


'His name was Belali Mohomet. ‘Belali,’ spelled in various ways, is a common Muslim name…Belali slides easily into the English ‘Bailey,’ a common African surname ......

"""""""""""read all of it

I have a problem. These are Muslim not Afrikan names .

See other post about Swahili

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy

Ann Althouse said...
Gerry: It's a dysfunctional situation, portending immense social problems. Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy and unmatched females at the top -- with the two groups enlarging over time. You don't worry about that?
7:45 AM

This situation has been lived in other times and places.

exemple-a: after both wars europe had strong imbalance

Solution 1: Become part of the groupies or harem of older wiser Man (Men)
Solution 2: marry below and play pretend (a much used solution)
Solution 3: become missionary and then in other place in the world use a mix a solution 2 and 1.

Other exemple: Caribeen (Sp?) Solution 1 and 2 apply

Final exemple: USA today Be single and get baby from plastic bottles then in next generation problem is solved.

Only impediment is that a strong woman sees her heirs loosing their life with loosers or worst.

Society looses nothing but its culture because replacement population will be latinos and asians.

Is that good or part of gods'plan? Þ Þ

Anne who is sad!