Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Lesbians Aren't Gay ,feminist theory is largely immune from radical questioning

While feminist theory is largely immune from radical questioning in most of the prestige media, few people actually take it seriously . . . especially feminists. They seldom pay their own theory the respect of treating it like a scientific theory and testing it against the evidence. If feminist theory is truly an attempt to make accurate predictions about reality, rather than simply an elaborate rationalization for blaming your troubles on somebody else, then feminists should welcome a frank appraisal of the contrasting longings and ambitions of gays and lesbians, since this offers fascinating new perspectives from which to assay feminist hypotheses.
For example, feminists tirelessly denounce the fashion and beauty industry for brainwashing American men into craving skin-deep feminine beauty. But which is truly the cause and which is the effect? Luckily, the curious analyst can study people who have rejected heterosexual socialization: among homosexuals, the distinctiveness of men's and women's basic sexual urges is especially vivid. Since "Women Seeking Women" don't need to entice men's visually-focused desires, their newspaper personal ads tend toward wistful vagueness: Attractive SWF, bi, seeking SF, feminine & discreet, any race, for friendship and possible rltnshp. In contrast, the "Men Seeking Men" classifieds bristle with statistics quantifying appearance: John Wayne-type (41, 6'3" 210#, C 46" W 35", brn/grn) seeks Steve Garvey-type (muscular, str8-acting, 20-30, under 6' & 185#, blu eyes a +).
Even more egregiously swept under the rug by feminists like Naomi Wolf (author of The Beauty Myth) is the central creative role of gay men in the fashion business. Thus, feminist pundits routinely portray the current fad in haute couture for "waif" models (young girls lacking in the more popular secondary sexual characteristics) as a conspiracy against women hatched by . . . yes, you guessed it, The Male Power Structure. This accusation always conjures up for me a vision of Alan Greenspan, Bill Gates, and Colin Powell resolving in secret conclave to put uppity women back in their place by ordering Vogue to print a lot of pictures of girls who look like boys.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Speciation among primates

Speciation among primates - current estimate for chimp-human split is 5 million years, we're separate species (not interfertile) so it must have taken less than 5 million years. I suspect it takes around 2 million years, depending on generation length. That would indicate that modern humans were interfertile with homo erectus and homo neanderthalis.Modern humans are obviously not speciated. According to the standard biologists' definition of a sub-species/race, that it's merely an in-breeding group visually distinct from other sub-species/races, we are obviously sub-speciated, as any geographically dispersed species will tend to be. -ViL

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Althouse: Should we say "single-gender education"?

Althouse: Should we say "single-gender education"?

Should we say "single-gender education"?
Mark Liberman -- who saw that term in a headline -- wonders why someone would want to avoid the standard phrase "same-sex education." [ADDED: I meant to write "single-sex education," and I can see that my slip shows a problem with the term.] Is it a matter of embracing the word "gender" to express the belief that differences between male and female are produced by culture, not biology? Or is it prudery about about the word "sex"?Liberman informs us that the word "sex" goes back to 1382 -- "Of alle thingis hauynge sowle of ony flehs, two thow shalt brynge into the ark, that maal sex and femaal lyuen with thee" -- but the first use of it to refer to "genital pleasure" is in this D.H. Lawrence poem, "Pansies":
If you want to have sex, you've got to trustAt the core of your heart, the other creature.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

accoupler avec Brice Hortefeux par blogueuse influente

Même si nous étions les deux derniers représentants de l'espèce humaine après une guerre thermo-nucléaire ...
Publié le jeudi 21 juin 2007
.... jamais je ne pourrais envisager de m'accoupler avec Brice Hortefeux. Oui, même pour sauver l'humanité, ça va pas être possible, comme disaient les Zebda (tiens, qu'est ce qu'ils sont devenus eux, on en entend plus parler de ces zozos, pourtant en temps de Sarkozie, ils auraient du grain à moudre). C'est simple, à chaque fois que je le vois apparaître sur l'écran de ma télé, j'ai des contractions.

Prince William riding .......and banging

Prince William riding

Big size picture at link below

from men style magazine

paris and the house of Windsor

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

words grammar

Guy Deutscher studied mathematics and earned a Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Cambridge

I read the book. it is superb.

Guy Deutscher wrote

in the begining there were

a- physical things words
b- actions words
c-pointing words

the rules were

a-belong together near
b-order copy reality
c-no repeat ( we are lazy)
d- me fist then pecking order< http://www.unfoldingoflanguage.com/

American scientist