Saturday, December 30, 2006

monogamy is a farce!

monogamy is a farce!
EDIT: I just found a paper (posted here)estimating the rate of human EPC to be between <1%-30% with a median of 3.7%. In other words, 1 in 25 fathers reading this are raising children that are the product of their partners infidelity...

In a previous post (link) the bold claim was made that there is no biological predisposition towards human monogamy, but instead what drives us toward monogamy-like mating system is culture. There seem to be several independent lines of evidence that supports my position.
Anecdotal evidence. How many of us:Have never had a friend who cheated?Cheated ourselves?Know somebody who was actually cuckolded?

Friday, December 22, 2006

polygamy is very common in society. It's called dating

The fact that should be shining like a red bulb in the night, is that polygamy is very common in society. It's called dating and crumbles to pieces when a couple in the dating sect decide to get more serious and cement a minimal deal, also known as "going together." There's a plethora of benefits with monogamy and it will certainly remain a dominate element is the relationship game. The knowledge of who's and how many ding-dongs are going in who's and how many hoo-hahs isn't anyone's business except the owners of the aforementioned ding-hahs, as long as all parties are consenting.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Law, divorce and polygamous arrangements

allowing informal polygamous arrangements, imagine the difficulties that would arise in Family Law if an attempt were made to formalize such marriages. The more spouses and children, the more permutations of potential legal conflicts.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The concept of "authenticity" -is racist.




The concept of "authenticity" -- that one's skin colour mandates particular behaviours, such as voting Democrat and supporting "affirmative action" -- is, of course, racist. But the peculiar touchiness of the black community on this question recurs again and again in Williams's book. "The defence of gangster rap, with its pride in guns and murder, was that it was all about 'keepin' it real,' " he writes. "In that stunning perversion of black culture, anyone who spoke against the self-destructive core of gangster rap was put down as acting white."
This is a fascinating theme whose significance extends far beyond music -- or, in this case, "music." We're encouraged these days to disdain ethnic stereotypes -- the Scots are stingy, the Germans humourless, etc. -- but, if one were to ascribe certain characteristics to particular ethnic groups, you'd be hard put to burden African-Americans with as many disabling pathologies as are currently touted under the justification of "keepin' it real." "Violence, murder, and self-hatred were marketed as true blackness -- authentic black identity," says Williams. "Keepin' it real" means the rapper Nelly making a video in which he swipes a credit card through his ho's butt. "Keepin' it real" means men are violent and nihilistic, women are "sluts, bobbing chicken heads, and of course bitches." "Keepin' it real," noted the writer Nick Crowe, equates, in effect, to "disempowerment." Because if being black means being a self-destructive self-gratifying criminal rutting machine, and building a career, settling down, getting a nice house in the suburbs, raising a family is acting white, that would seem to hand whitey an awful lot of advantages.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the dowry was to protect the wife's financial security

Women in Late Antiquity:Pagan and Christian Lifestyles


The origin of the dowry was to protect the wife's financial security since it was not in the interests of the state to have poor widows, often with children, dependent on it. "Any property she inherited or acquired after her father's death remained her own. Her dowry could be used by the husband from the time of marriage, but with the powerful restraint that he might have to give some or all of it back if there was a divorce - exactly how much depended on the law of the time and the terms of the marriage settlement. It did not simply become his property. . . If the husband had a financial disaster, return of dowry took precedence over the claims of his creditors."

Monday, September 25, 2006

Si, si senor - the Brits are Spanish

the New Zealand Herald.

If you wish to undertake any of the latter, you need to make a copyright clearance request providing full details of your proposed use of the article, by clicking here.

Si, si senor - the Brits are Spanish

Friday September 22, 2006

LONDON - Don't tell the locals but the hordes of British holidaymakers visiting the Costa del Sol this summer were, in fact, returning to their ancestral home.

A team from Oxford University have discovered that the Celts, Britain's indigenous people, are descended from a tribe of Iberian fishermen who crossed the Bay of Biscay 6000 years ago.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

celt - blood - uk-

35 000 years ago the men of southern France and the Basque region hunted the wild bison, wooly rhinocerus, horse, and mammoth where they lived in tepees with the women and not in the painted caves according to popular belief. The women would have gathered wild fruits, seeds, and berries where they brought them back to thier campsite. They probably spent most of thier time in those dark tepees and only occasionaly did they most likely wander out of thier tepees to collect the fruit of the plains. The reason being for this is that after menstruation and child birth, they needed protection from the cold and other weather elements to raise and feed thier children. This is probably where the women, over thousands of years, obtained the recessive genotypes like lighter skin and hazel eyes, although not necessarily the dominate phenotype of the O+ blood factor which they most likely picked up 5-6000 years earlier when they ventured out of Siberia on thier way to northern and southern Europe. It is positively sure that a few of the O rhesus positive women joined the O rhesus negative tribe, but a lot of the women travelling to southern Europe just below the Swiss alps likely still had the O rhesus negative factor while those travelling north of the glaciated Swiss alps likely had the O rhesus positive factor. This may explain why a lot of Spanish and Italians presently have dark hair as opposed to the Germans and French who have lighter complexions and blond or blonde hair.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beauty-Sex-Money: look at any woman standing with her lawyer in a divorce court. She may have been beautiful at one time

Young man says:I also believe that there is no ugly women, everyone has something to offer.

Other man says:Take a good look at any woman standing with her lawyer in a divorce court. She may have been beautiful at one time.

woman says:It shouldn't all be about exterior beauty!!!!!


You women are the only ones who ever care for exterior beauty in life. The millions of beauty salons are not created for men. They are to serve your vanity. show me one part of a woman's body which is not treated for aesthetic reasons: you trim your eye brows, treat your eye lashes, paint your toes and nails, stick fake nails, pierce you ears and noses even other body parts, shave all over, change hair color, implant fake breasts, wear high heals, tight clothes, buy 3 million purses, shoes and clothing items and still looking to buy more. Then you put makeup on and then you wear bracelets etc etc etc etc. You are telling me that exterior beauty is not important to you all? Please forgive me for looking for some beauty of the flesh.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If a leader emerges, it becomes a chiefdom.

If there’s a leader, it isn’t a tribe.

Egalitarianism is one of the defining characteristics of a tribe.
If a leader emerges, it becomes a chiefdom.

Though I think what you’re talking about is more along the lines of a Big Man, no formalized power.

Under stress, humans normally form tribes.

They disregard hierarchy as a luxury that cannot be afforded

Jason Godesky Says:


Women who are good at things that men respect are respected by men, and they tend to like men because they have things in common.

...So are feminists.

A feminist sees men exactly as anti-Semites see Jews. ...—the same template, the same bottle but with different wine. She has a more hair-trigger anger (“Men are sexist pigs”) because she can get away with it, a more bellicose incivility for the same reason,


feminists are clueless about men. ...


They have struck me, without exception that comes to mind, as fitting a peculiar mold: bright, very hostile and combative, but physically timid and pampered, hothouse flowers really, usually from fairly moneyed families and often Ivy or semi-Ivy schools.

Often they have done little outside of feminism and would be helpless out of an urban setting. They have no idea how anything around them works—what a cam lobe is, how a refrigerator makes things cold, or how a file-allocation table might be arranged.......

degrees run to ideologizable pseudosubjects such as sociology, psychology, or Women’s Studies.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Armenia has an important natural resource: Armenians.

Iran has a 20 mile border with Armenia, which has an important natural resource: Armenians. For poorly understood reasons, Armenians can make money anywhere in the world ... except Armenia
see steve

Saturday, August 26, 2006

On poverty Steve Sailer

The problem with being poor today is not so much that you don't own enough goods but that you have to live around other poor people.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dowry and slavery


hidden enslavement of the African women occurs through the use of African culture and tradition. In this case, the slavery comes in the form of dowry payment. The dowry issue has gotten out of hand. It has become a moneymaking machine, a total deviation from what our forefathers prescribed. Perhaps, the dowry payment episode that occurred in 1986 would help one understand the writer's perspective.
At the said time, when the value of dollar was gaining strength over the Nigerian naira, a Nigerian lady friend of mine propositioned for marriage by a suitor who resides in the United States of America. For privacy purposes, I will call this friend of mine Nancy. Nancy had a master's degree and was sociable, affable and extremely attractive. Her suitor was also a Nigerian. According to the Nigerian custom, a suitor must pay dowry to the bride’s family and kindred, otherwise, their union would not be recognized.
Nancy's suitor went home to Nigeria to pay the dowry, to his chagrin; information leaked to Nancy's kindred that her suitor was a medical doctor. Instead of paying an average dowry like others, the doctor was charged double. The fact that Nancy had a master's degree did not help matter either. He was also ordered to pay the dowry in dollars instead of in naira, which would have been cheaper. By the way, in certain parts of Nigeria, women were priced according to the level of their education. The more educated, the more money one would fetch from suitors...

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This is NOT a BLOG --A rant

This is NOT a BLOG

from no_blog.html

While I appreciate the amount of traffic that this site has gotten in the short period of time it's been active, and I definitely appreciate the emails I've received with suggestions and support of the site's existence, there are a couple of things I thought I should clear up concerning what this site will and will not be. Firstly, this will NOT be a "Blog."Blogs are those gay-ass web sites dedicated to resembling "my secret diary" in every way possible. Or, worse yet, they're political rantings from the kind of people you avoid conversations with at work and in bars. I'm talking about the arrogant ass holes who enjoy arguing for argument's sake, always have to be right, and can never take the hint that you could give two squirts of piss about whatever it is they're going on about. In fact, if they ever paused long enough to take a breath and ask you a question about whatever it was they were having a monologue on, 9 out of 10 times they'd find that you hadn't heard a damn word they said. You figured out they were subjecting you to real-time blah-g within the first 30 seconds of "conversation" and tuned them out. I don't care about your life, your ideas, or you. I have trouble caring about my closest friends 99.9% of the time because I'm self-centered and wrapped up in my own shit.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

“British slave girl” was a unit of currency, were worth 3 cows ???

snip early-medieval Ireland, “British slave girl” was a unit of currency, equivalent to three cows.

Book Review by John Derbyshire

National Review Online
September 13th, 2006

Ann says:
Some one is pulling my leg.
This migth the dowry. Quite a different thing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

School Career Education Money Plumber

There is a lot to be said about being a plumber

commnter said..

. Way back in high school, there was a kid who went to vo-tech, and worked nights for his dad who owned his own plumbing business.
By the time his peers were graduating college, he had been an journeyman plumber for a couple of years and was working on his master.
He also owned a couple of houses and lived in one that he had paid off.
By the time his peers (the ones that made fun of him in high school) got out of law school he owned his own business and had people working for him.

This was 20 years ago. If he wanted to, he could have retired by 30.

He is still working, he has always done new construction so has never had to do the dirtier parts of plumbing, and is

very happy and has been for the last 20 years. There is a lot to be said about being a plumber.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Religious Jews are ? must? could ? be polygamist


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Finding another lover, and having another wife are separate, YY.

As a Jew, there are acts that can be sexual between a man and a woman and not, according to the Torah constitute adultry.

Being married to more than one woman is an entirely separate issue.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Creationist Bible Evolution Os Penis Baculum


606174 Links,

Alternative titles; symbols


Gilbert and Zevit (2001) pointed out that another genetic condition, affecting 100% of human males, is congenital lack of a baculum (os priapi; os penis).
Whereas most mammals (including common species such as dogs and mice)

and most other primates (except spider monkeys) have a penile bone, human males lack this bone and must rely on fluid hydraulics to maintain erections.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Michael Yon and the vultures at HFM -the Bureaucrats

Michael Yon and the vultures at HFM

Taking a stand by Jennifer

Pardon me while I digress (sort of) from shopping for a brief moment.
Michael Yon is a former SF soldier and a self-supporting war journalist, usually reporting directly from Iraq and Afghanistan.
He has been a victim of a large company called HFM Publishing. They stole a moving portrait Michael captured
The vultures at HFM stole this picture
Whatever your views on the war are, we all deserve to know what companies do when we aren't looking.

posted by Jennifer at 8:13 PM

Ann says that this is an another reason not to trust bureaucrats (private or government)


Because bureaucrats never never NEVER NEVER admit mistakes

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IQ ain't all -only horse power

The kind of mental skills the IQ test measured was like horsepower in a car engine. It tells you something but there's a whole lot more to know.


in post and comment


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rastafari believe? in Polygamy

Alice Eddie Backer of Brooklyn, New York

Writes in her blog

Sharon Marley on Rastafari and Polygamy
, it looks like Generation X women (or maybe just Sharon) in the Marley clan are not too thrilled with some of the gender-related implications of Rastafari
unhappy about how Rastafarian women are treated by their men....snip...

She is somewhat conservative on the question of polygamy, which is practised by many Rastafarian men.

"That has been around for many years. I can't change that. My mother didn't fight with any of the mothers of my father's children. But now that my brothers are having children with different women, some of them are not getting along with each other."

Surprise, surprise...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blog-Comments - Anonymity by JD Stemwedel

A very intesting post from

Janet D. Stemwedel (whose nom de blog is Dr. Free-Ride) is an assistant professor of philosophy at San Jose State University. Before becoming a philosopher, she earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.


This is the same principle that drives scientists to compare notes about experimental systems and to try to reproduce each other's experiments: If I'm the only one who sees this, it might all be in my head, but if others are seeing this too, it's really there. A paper diary doesn't offer this kind of sounding board -- nor does a blog without any commenting readers.


In a perfect world, people in the workplace would always respond to your ideas rather than, say, retalliating against you for voicing them. (It doesn't even need to be retalliation; sometimes people just start discounting you if you voice an idea that doesn't fit with their assumptions.)


but some of the people listening aren't fair-minded. Indeed, some of the people listening may be jerks. It doesn't mean you should just shut up, or not try to create safer spaces for speaking up. But you may have to be ready to roll when the road gets bumpier than you expected it to be.


an academic blog I used to read that I enjoyed quite a lot. I had to stop, though, when it became apparent that the (anonymous) blogger was married to someone that I knew. (What clinched it was a post about a social occasion that I attended.) To keep reading the blog would have felt, to me, like a violation of the blogger's trust --

Very good comments also

Ann Þ

Saturday, June 10, 2006

polygynous arrangements to limit family

janegalt html#63892

The resource argument seems a stronger case for why polygynous arrangements might choose to limit family size;

in most cases where polygynous relationships have occurred (less advanced societies, certain segues of the Mormons, various cults) the men are the sole or primary breadwinners,

and the additional wife/wives already represent additional consumption on top of whatever children eventually arrive.
Besides that, the fertility rate among monogamous couples in all societies seems to be correlated inversely to an increase in general wealth and women's rights more than anything else.
Posted by: anony-mouse on May 13, 2006 02:04 PM

Ann says that the above is only full bourgois caca de toro
Ann says that in traditional culture only women are bread winners.

Man sit on top of the hill watching for lions.

and fooling around with next tribe girls.

Ann Þ

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gleen Raynald is a Fraud , a she-mam in hijab, a false libertarian of the mommist bent. Etc...

Today I read the Pundit and I got sick... sick in my humanity

The PUNDIT wrote once too many time

""As always, my lovely and talented cohost is soliciting comments and suggestions.""

I Just could not take it any more. I had to comment on Haylen blog about the sniveling being:



Ann Þ¸ said..

. I Read the instatpundit

""As always, my lovely and talented cohost is soliciting comments and suggestions.""

I will say that your photo shows a good looking woman, I do not know about the talent but could give you the benefit ....

Could you tell The Pundit to stop the groveling in all the posts where he mentions you.
Then I would say that finally you reached equality.

Ann Þ

Which is upset that a woman would accept such display of ( very negative word to be inserted by reader) by a man , any man, and assuredly by a man near to her....

PS I will never read a word from you until HE stops to be a sad puppy.
I will keep reading him but will cringe at every referencence to the.......Helen

June 09, 2006 9:37 AM

******end of comment on Helen blog.

The statement by the pundit is condescendinging, so macho...
And she takes it times after times; Unbelievable.

Worst than wife beating....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Learn to grovel! You will have a longer.? marriage..?


http jerry pournelle.

Rush Limbaugh today said something about having been a husband he understands that husbands are always wrong. I note he's divorced.

The actual truth is contained in two principles. Both apply to husbands.

The first is from Robert Heinlein: "If you are ever in an argument with your wife and discover that you are in the right, apologize immediately."

The second is Pournelle's principal advice to husbands who want a long and successful marriage: Learn to grovel!

I could spend considerable time on why these principles work, and how they have their roots in evolutionary biology (or in the created nature of men and women if you prefer that), ....

Ann Þ says

Yah , but only if you are living with a spoiled American girl (not one of the 2 or 3 thousands exceptions that are adult) raised in Vaginistan.

That explain why real Yankee are going overseas to find a woman

‡ see Fred on everything for one of many bloggers that details the reasons

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweden is kaput, ! Its Peoples are too lazy?



If the public sector were as efficient as Ireland's or Britain's, for example, the expenditure could be reduced by a third for the same service. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions reports that

Swedish doctors see four patients a day on average,

down from nine in 1975. It is less than in any other OECD country, and less than half of the average. One reason is that a Swedish doctor spends between 50 and 80 percent of his time on administration.
Swedes are healthier than almost any other people in the world, but they are also out sick more often than any other people, according to available data. In 2004,

sickness benefits absorbed 16 percent of the government budget,

while health absenteeism has doubled since 1998. With a sickness benefit of up to 80 percent of a recipient's income (depending on his or her wage level), it is not surprising that there is an epidemic of absenteeism.
The system of high taxes and generous welfare benefits worked for so long because the tradition of self-reliance was so strong. But mentalities have a tendency of changing when incentives change. ....
... According to polls, about half of all Swedes now think it is acceptable to call in sick for reasons other than sickness. Almost half think that they can do it when someone in the family is not feeling well, and almost as many think that they can do it if there is too much to do at work. ....
A middle class with small economic margins is dependent on social security.

This was Bismarck's plan when he introduced a
system that would make those

dependent on it "far more content and far easier to handle."

......sclerosis creates a public demand for policies that create even more stagnation. This might help explain the lack of reform in Europe, despite all the political ambitions.
The more problems there are, the more dangerous radical reforms seem to the electorate: If things are this bad now, the logic goes, think how bad they'll be without state protection.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Australoids are from OR are the Neanderthals

Gnxp has revelation from "pconroy "

Razib, John,
Interestingly the inhabitants of Tierra Del Fuego were also phiosiologically unlike other Native Americans, and resembled Australoids more. Many of their initiation ceremonies were similar to Australian Aborigines too.

Curiously some early Cro-Magnon skulls from Croatia IIRC also fell way outside the range of features of modern Europeans and were more like Australoids.
Therefore I'm sticking to my idea that Australoids = Neanderthals, who have undergone some evolution in the last 40,000 years, from their classical feature in Europe.
IIRC, certain brain formation alleles (ASPM?) were at high levels in France (>50%), and in neighbouring areas at around 20-40%, but in Papua-New Guinea, were at 55%. So, if Neanderthals hybridized with early moderns in France or maybe Iberia

Of course there are people who may not have interbred with moderns in the areas other than Australoids, they are the Negritos. The Semang are one such group. Another group are the Negritos of Australis or Barrineans and the Negritos of the Andaman Islands. Of these the Sentinelese
are the most interesting, as the link above says:By their long-standing separation from any other human society they are among the most isolated and unassimilated peoples on Earth

For what it is ?
Ann Þ

Monday, June 05, 2006

Polygamy (Multiple-wife type) legally recognized in Canada

edmontonsun News

OTTAWA -- Multiple-wife marriages have been legally recognized in Canada to award spousal support and inheritance payments.
While the former Liberal government maintained that polygamy is criminal in Canada, documents released to Sun Media through access to information show that polygamous marriages have been recognized "for limited purposes" to enforce financial obligations of husbands with multiple wives.

Update : more in the comments

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grammar-Beautiful: the realis - irrealis distinction

see section 4


A case in point is that of the realis - irrealis distinction.

These are terms widely used by various scholars and in various grammars. The core of the distinction is a desire to distinguish between real events and unreal ones.

That is, events that are or have happened versus events that did not or have not happened but which are possible, probably, hypothetically likely, or could have happened.

As can be seen from the list (which is by no means extensive) is
that irrealis notions cover a wide range of categories
while realis is a relatively simple affair.

The problem is that the term irrealis is used in grammatical descriptions in such a way that normally only a subset of irrealis notions is covered by presumed irrealis morphemes (see Bybee 1998 for a good description of the problem).

The problem is not just limited to morphemes that are called irrealis;

other types of morphemes, such as subjunctive or optative morphemes are affected in the same way.
Palmer (2001) devotes large portions of his discussion to the problem of how to link subjunctive with irrealis, for instance.

The immediate consequence is that it is a priori impossible to compare irrealis morphemes from one language to the next.

Ann Þ

Saturday, June 03, 2006

..a new crime against humanity

quantumghosts treaties

Writes about the UN "Convention of the Preservation of the Human Species...."

I loved this from Dr.Yes.
From the reason article.

Far from there being a "right" to enhance oneself and one's progeny, some institutions and activists currently aim to outlaw various biotech interventions.

For example, the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine prohibits the introduction of "any modification in the genome of any descendants."

I absolutely believe in the right of parents to secure the best possible genetics for their offspring. I'm a transhumanist. I believe in the inviolable right of homo sapiens sapiens to reject disease, aging and death, and to continue to evolve.I found this profoundly silly--

a world overrun by Madonna clones

Ann says what about these, which one should we clone?

click to enlarge

Friday, June 02, 2006

women go for passion ...Real life is really about gender cliche,,1747821,00.html

A tale of two genders: men choose novels of alienation, while women go for passion

Camus tops the male 'milestones' list

Charlotte Higgins, arts correspondent
Thursday April 6, 2006

The novel that means most to men is about indifference, alienation and lack of emotional responses. That which means most to women is about deeply held feelings, a struggle to overcome circumstances and passion, research by the University of London has found.


"We were completely taken aback by the results," said Prof Jardine, who admitted that they revealed a pattern verging on a gender cliche, with women citing emotional, more domestic works, and men novels about social dislocation and solitary struggle.

She was also surprised she said, "by the firmness with which many men said that fiction didn't speak to them".

Ann says
Here is another feministas that never

LISTENED to her brothers, uncles, .....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Iraq:...get a military victory ... by... atrocities... the civilians

Long interesting discussion at

danieldrezner entry_id=2680

J Thomas at April 14, 2006 09:26 AM

Now the US is fighting a non-conventional war, and learning how to do it the hard way.

We've known how to do it all along. We did it successfully in the philippines.

You get a military victory in this kind of thing by doing atrocities against the civilians until they unconditionally surrender.

You can't keep insurgents from killing civilians, and insurgents can't keep you from killing civilians.

You kill more of them and there's no hope in hell the insurgents can drive you away. The civilians will surrender and inform on the insurgents so you'll stop killing them.

They'll stay surrendered for a generation or so and by that time you'll have a lot of collaborators who'll keep the new insurgents away from anything important.

ANN Þ Says :

but the French could not do it in Algeria.

And the USA ....of ? course ? indeed ? could not, will not do it....

Maybe the Middle east is lost (Iran, Iraq, the entire sector of the Levant)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Gobarmint is late as usual

Posted by: J May 12, 2006 10:50 PM

in the comments to
William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security

Telephone Records are just the Tip of NSA's Iceberg

to get call records, you should check out -

where EVERYONE has access to you call records.

This is hardly an invasion of privacy, when one can find a person's call records on line.

There are of course other sites that provide similar access to wireline calls, and of course the big telcos has for years been "mining" the data contained in call detail reocrds to upsell


Ann Says That Kim DuToit was correct about a lot of things for a long time

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Putin Baby bonus Althouse Zaftig

Zaftig is a Yiddish word meaning ripe or luscious, and is commonly applied to curvaceous women. Euphemisms for slightly fat; ..buxom chubby "pleasingly plump" rubenesque. Desirably plump and curvaceous; Having a well rounded figure; Sexy; Attractive.

I discovered that word because of discussion about baby bonus

Steven said
So how much money would it take to change your mind and cause you to have one more child that you had (or plan to have) on your own?

Hmm. Okay, working out the costs invlved in haing a kid, how much does a fertile bride run these days? I know the traditional unit was livestock . . . .

Oh. Not done anymore? Okay.

How much money would I need to get an attractive (preferably zaftig), pleasant, young, fertile, and reasonably intelligent girl who wants to have kids to marry me ...

MOST MEN I KNOW WOULD HAVE GIVEN one of THEIR ARM FOR the intelectual ANN ALTHOUSE as per her Zaftig foto recently posted

(guys read the blog and finf the pic. It is worth it. She looks great)

Ann Þ

Monday, May 29, 2006

The European Right does not exist,,There is no such thing as Europe.(Elvis lives)

There is no such thing as Europe says

Albion's Seedlings weblog

When the British think-tank Centre for European Reform, which is wholly sympathetic to the “European project” (it used to take a perestroika view of a need to reform and readjust but no longer does so) talks of a “European social policy” or a “European farm policy”, the terminology is understandable.

But when a website like Brussels Journal, which boasts of its opposition to European integration, or a think-tank like Open Europe produce postings or, in the case of the latter, papers and discussions about the best way forward for “Europe” one needs to call a halt.

The European Right does not exist in any coherent sense.
The Right in Central Europe is completely different from the Anglospheric British or American one, though there is the occasional overlap.

France divides politically along fault-lines that are not repeated anywhere else.

And the Right in Scandinavia tends to be somewhere around the moderate Left everywhere else.

Agreed, and all of go READ this blog. It is most awsome

Ann Þ

Friday, May 26, 2006

r and K type : what I learned today because I read the comments at

In biology, there are two primary reproduction strategies. (all ref from google search)

The , "r-Type", is far more Darwinian in its approach

Opportunistic ( r-type)

smaller and simpler organisms will favor r - type reproduction ( lots of offspring ) ...

The r type reproductive strategy is basically to pump as much energy and resources .

r type strategy, ie rapid growth, precocious. sexual maturity and short life cycle, .

An r-type organism prefers quick reproduction,

The r-strategy means being very sexually active and having many offspring.


"K-Type" means that the organism should have fewer offspring and put more effort into making sure those children survive.

- the idea is to have as much offspring as possible and the only the strongest will survive.

Equilibrial (K-type)

K-type. (few offspring, expensive care)

The K type strategy involves a large investment of resources in the

k type, with slow growth, late reproduc- ...

For a "K" type population, a certain level of intelligence, coupled with social groupings, is quite advantageous.

The K-strategy means having fewer offspring, but with both mother and father giving them more care.
Humans are the most K strategists of all species.

For our purposes, r is a term in Wilson's equation (Harvard University biologist E.O. Wilson) that stands for the natural rate of reproduction (the number of offspring).

The symbol K stands for the amount of care parents give to insure that their offspring survive.

Plants and animals have different life history strategies. Some are more r and others are relatively more K.

The key for understanding K-selection is the predictability of the environment. Tropical areas like Africa are less predictable because of parasites and sudden droughts. Therefore they select for an r-strategy rather than a K-strategy.

Ann Þ thanks a comment in G

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pagans, Da Vinci Code, women, Feministas and Catholicism

Da Vinci Code, women, and Catholicism
From the Steve S

One of the more curious aspects of the cult of The Da Vinci Code is the lack of skepticism
a vast plot to steal from women the feminist freedoms they had enjoyed under "the pagans" who worshipped "the Goddess."

First, pagans didn't worship the Goddess because if they had, they wouldn't have been pagans, they have been monotheists.

Like his New Age feminist sources, Brown is a slave to the intellectual prestige of monotheism.
So, a bunch of goddesses get reduced down to the Goddess because monotheism just seems more respectable.

pagans have tended to mean by it: i.e., fertility goddesses...
Now, you can see a bit of a problem for modern feminists in praising ancient conceptions of women as most sacred when barefoot and pregnant,

Third, hostility to paganism -- that's what the Protestants, Jews, and Muslims complained about ... that Catholicism wasn't hostile enough towards paganism.


Fourth, doesn't anybody remember basic Roman Empire sociology? Early Christianity particularly appealed to women, especially widows........"Christian women had tremendous advantages compared to the woman next door, who was like them in every way except that she was a pagan.

First, when did you get married? Most pagan girls were married off around age 11, before puberty, and they had nothing to say about it, and they got married to some 35-year-old guy.
Christian women had plenty of say in the matter and tended to marry around age 18.

"Abortion was a huge killer of women in this period, but Christian women were spared that.

And infanticide—pagans killed little girls left and right. We’ve unearthed sewers clogged with the bones of newborn girls. But Christians prohibited this.

Consequently, the sex ratio changed and Christians didn’t have the enormous shortage of women that plagued the rest of the empire."
Fifth, the idea that the Catholic Church kept women down is pretty odd: What other monotheistic religion honored hundreds of women as saints?

So, the real complaint in The Da Vinci Code is that The Pill wasn't invented until 1964.

My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
posted by Steve Sailer at 5/24/2006


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anarchists Unite : Choke the political parties

writes on May 15, 2006 at 9:35 AM at HOT AIR

Choke the political parties:

Register with both the DNC and RNC web-sites so you’ll be sure to get a raft of solicitations including postage paid return envelopes.
Tape each one you get to a brick (to use in building a wall on the border) and drop it off at the post office.

How many bricks do you think it would take to break both parties. Enough so they’ll get the message?

Ann Þ
says this will work about any issues in almost every modern contries in the world

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Belmont Club: The New World--useless hot air as usual


The Belmont Club: The New World

The New World
Foreign Policy's article

the Six Most Important U.S. Military Bases lists:
Andersen Air Force Base & Apra Harbor, Guam;
Balad Air Base/Camp Anaconda, Iraq;
Bezmer Air Base, Bulgaria;
Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory;
Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba;
Manas Air Base, Kirgizstan

as the most vital installations in the world.
There may be disagreements about whether or not these should be the Top Six US bases worldwide, but the list serves to illustrate the geopolitical transformation that has taken place since 2000.

plus many comments and
the usual shooting match going nowhere...
useless hot air as usual

Saturday, May 20, 2006

US democracy will commit suicide.


( this is a free advert-no money is paid by JP)

Democracy is a dangerous form of government.

There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.

The Framers opted for a federal republic, a Nation of States, an experiment in ordered liberty with variants. ...
It was transformed into a more unitary state by the Civil War, but even that did not destroy the fundamental character of these United States. ...
as late as 1938 Washington, DC was a small town in Maryland,

.... US went from Federal Republic to National Democracy,
... Now we are going further down that axis toward a French-style Centralized Bureaucratic Rule. We are becoming a national democracy.

There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.

...The Swiss Exception is instructive: Switzerland is a democracy, and it is diverse in both language and confession -- and it is not unitary. Few Swiss can name their President although most can tell you the name of the Canton and Commune officials relevant to their lives. A national democracy cannot endure as a culturally diverse society with cultural, linguistic, and religious diversities. It cannot. Democracy is a dangerous form of government.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ALL AMERKA ARE BELONG TO OTHERS is out of the First World.

America is pulling out of the First World. says fred last year . Nothing is getting better.


all the design work and programming are going to Mumbai, except the part that already has. Manufacturing is pretty much in China already, Mexicans do all the scutwork, and blacks work for the government or not at all, or both at once. That leaves whites as midlevel bureaucrats supervising each other. Thing is, whites are getting so they can’t read either,


All the professors in America of anything practical are already Chinese or Indian. Or getting that way fast.You think I exaggerate? Ha. Checking the staff of the University of Central Florida’s school of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering, I discover that most of Mumbai has already moved to America. Shanghai too. There follows an unedited list:
Ranganathan Kumar, Linan An, Quanfang Chen, Ruey-Hung Chen, Larry Chew, Hyoung Jin "Joe" Cho, Louis C. Chow, Kevin R. Coffey, Ted Conway, Vimal Desai, Jiyu Fang, A. Henry Hagedoorn, Olusegun Illegbusi, Roger Johnson, Samar Jyoti Kalita, Jayanta Kapat, Aravinda Kar, Alain Kassab, Christine Klemenz, Alexander Leonessa, Kuo-Chi "Kurt" Lin, Antonio Minardi, Faissal Moslehy, Jamal F. Nayfeh, David Nicholson, Eric L. Petersen, Sudipta Seal, Yongho Sohn, C. "Sury" Suryanarayana, Raj Vaidyanathan, Quan Wang, Fang Xu, Richard Zarda.
If that ain’t a hotbed of Anglo-Saxon achievement, I can’t imagine what might be.


Ann Þ

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

at Polipundit : Divorce in the blogsphere; will more polygamous bloggers split from their group marriage?

!at Polpundit:Divorce in the blogsphere; will more polygamous bloggers split from their group marriage?



The fact is that I believe this is the last time I will be blogging at Polipundit.

It is really hard to build a following in the blogosphere with so much competition and to have to walk away from a readership that I helped in part to build. That is one of the main reasons I have stayed for so long. Polipundit was kind enough to split the ad revenue with us equally, too,
I may decide to stay on my own, or I may join with some other bloggers to form a new group blog. There are pros and cons associated with each and I don't want to rush into anything.

Trackback link

See also

why I hate the blogosphere: The Polipundit Purge from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Ann Þ

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What is a blog; How to blog


Digging Deeper
Your Guide to Blogging
by Mark Glaser, 1:51PM


....Common Elements of a BlogThere have been quite a few online shouting matches over what elements every blog should have to be considered a blog. Let’s just say that the following are common elements of a blog (though they don’t show up on every blog, including this very one):..

Online Journalism Review — a publication where I once wrote a column — has a great roundup of blog services, complete with side-by-side comparison chart . OJR mentions some popular options such as Blogger, TypePad and WordPress .
However, the article doesn’t mention some popular blog communities such as LiveJournal , MSN Spaces , Yahoo 360 or AOL Journals — all of which are free. Note that these communities offer more personal blog spaces, more like MySpace , than the services such as Blogger or TypePad, where more professionals self-publish.


***************** SEE MORE AT
Are you using the right blogging tool?

Blogs are one of the hottest publishing tools around, but picking blog software can be confusing and frustrating. Use this primer to get a feel for what's available and what will work best for you.

By Susannah GardnerPosted: 2005-07-14





Monday, May 15, 2006

Grammar: a declarative irrealis mood content clause

languagelog 003150.html

if as a subordinator to introduce a declarative irrealis mood content clause, and that this is one of the grammatical possibilities with the matrix verb prefer.

if introduces a finite clause in which the verb is in the special irrealis form if the verb has one.

The inflectional system of English is much less complex than it was a thousand years ago,
and today there is only one verb that has an irrealis form that is (in spelling and pronunciation) different from its preterite.
That verb is be. And even for be, there are only two contexts in which you can tell the irrealis from the preterite:
the first person singular (if I were you) and
the third person singular (if he were really smart).

In all other person/number combinations, were is the preterite form too,

but in these two the preterite would be was, so we can see whether the irrealis is being used.



*********Excellent ref here


Also to X-Ref to conditional futur subjunctive potential virtual mood (valid in french and spanish)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Absurd despair:? no

Absurd despair:

A hardhat diver was exploring a wreck deep under the ocean, when he got a call on the diving phone from his captain in the ship above. 'Come up! Come up now!' the captain said.

'Why?' asked the diver. 'Why? Because the ship is sinking!' ''



Ann Þ

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Terrorist massacre heads of states in LatAm ; Evangelina Carrozzo

!" Terrorist massacre all european heads of states in LatAm"

If that is the best that security services can do we could have had that

Thanks to :
Evangelina Carrozzo :

La regina del Carnevale di Gualeguaychú irrompe nel Vertice internazionale di Vienna, con uno spettacolare bikini e un cartello di GreenPeace che dice: "No a las papeleras contaminantes". Un trionfo della bellezza argentina di fronte ad una platea di 60 premier europei ed americani tra cui: Blair, Chirac, Zapatero, Merkel, Chávez, Bachelett, Néstor Kirchner e Tabaré Vázquez. Un bel colpo di teatro organizzato da Greenpeace...
Evangelina Carrozzo (25 anni, 173cm, 85-62-90) diventa una stella di fama mondiale.


Lindo bikinazo de Evangelina Carrozzo


Ann Þ

Friday, May 12, 2006

"anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier", Mark Steyn guilty of plagiarism?

"anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier",


Mark Steyn guilty of plagiarism?
I described the facts in an earlier post. It seems clear to me that in Steyn's 550-word discussion of Dan Brown's style, he took the terminology, most of the basic ideas, all of his three examples (in order), a couple of turns of phrase, and his punch line from one of Geoff Pullum's Language Log posts. He credits Pullum by name (though he gives no link or any other sort of source citation) for the term "anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier", but not for the rest of his borrowings. I promised to give my opinion later on, and this is a first installment.

Ann Þ

SEE ALso my previous post

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grammar - the present imperfect aspect in English!?

"in Black English you might find a phrase like 'he be going' which violates standard English grammar rules. The phrase does not mean, as some might assume, 'he is going' or 'he goes'. Rather, 'he be going' says something about the aspect of the verb that the standard variants do not; it means 'he goes all the time' which is basically the invention of the present imperfect aspect in English."


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grammar- the anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier

from Mark Steyn:

May 10, 2005

The Da Vinci Code: bad writing for Biblical illiterates


The linguist Geoffrey Pullum -- or linguist Geoffrey Pullum, as novelist Dan Brown would say -- identifies this as the anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier, to which renowned novelist Dan Brown is unusually partial. In Deception Point, in what must count as a wild experiment in form for him, he holds off on the AONP until the second sentence:

"Death, in this forsaken place, could come in countless forms. Geologist Charles Brophy had endured the savage splendor of this terrain for years . . ."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Different culture and NYC

A difference between the English and USians:
"If an Englishman says he doesn't speak French very well, that means he's fluent. If a USian says he speaks French, that means he can order a cup of coffee in a cafe."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hirsi Ali (and I liked her) a dumb lying wymon?

MP Lied To Obtain Political Asylum
Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has admitted she told more lies about her past in order to get asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 than she has previously admitted in public in the past.
The Dutch TV programme Zembla, a Dutch television program, established that - rather than fleeing the violence and warfare in her land of origin Somalia, as the moderate-conservative parliamentarian and feminist has claimed - she spent more than ten years in reasonable comfort in Kenya before applying for asylum first in Germany and then in the Netherlands. MP Hirsi Ali said she lied because she was afraid of being turned down a second time. However, she told the leadership of the conservative political party (which is known as a classically liberal party in Europe) the true story when she applied to become a parliamentary candidate in 2002. The party has confirmed this. Apparently, Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk - who is also a member of the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) - recently told her that, if she had been minister at the time and had known the truth, she would have deported MP Hirsi Ali.These commentary pieces provide more details. Zembla retraced MP Hirsi Ali's journey from Somalia, via Kenya, to the Netherlands and uncovered both well-documented and previously unreported inconsistencies in her story. Interviews with her brother, aunt and ex-husband raised doubts about MP Hirsi Ali's contention she fled to Europe to escape possible retribution from her family for not going through with an arranged marriage. Her relatives contradicted her claim that she was not present during the wedding to the Canadian-Somali man. MP Hirsi Ali said she was forced to marry a stranger but her ex-husband said they had been in love and spent the week together after the wedding. He then went back to Canada to prepare for her arrival. Supplied with a plane ticket, MP Hirsi Ali later arrived in Germany and took a train to Amsterdam rather than continue the planned journey to Canada.MP Hirsi Ali has for years admitted she made up parts of her story to get asylum in the Netherlands but she insisted to Zembla her relatives and ex-husband were lying in regard to some of the details. The program-makers said it was decided to look into her past because of differing accounts she has given over the years about her past. A spokesperson for the VVD said the party had been aware that MP Hirsi Ali lied about her name and date of birth when seeking asylum. This was not seen as a barrier to her joining the party or becoming one of its MPs. Other Somalis living as refugees in Kenya were refused asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 because Kenya was considered a safe country. MP Hirsi Ali, who had refugee status in Kenya, told Dutch immigration officials she was fleeing from Somalia. She was granted asylum within five weeks, an apparent record. Zembla showed footage of MP Hirsi Ali in a documentary made the Dutch Muslim broadcaster only months after she was supposedly in hiding for fear of retribution from her family. It also emerged she was in contact with her father and on one occasion her jilted husband came to see her in the Netherlands. He left without harming her when she made it clear she did not want to continue with the marriage. The MP's spokesperson said there was nothing new in the documentary and noted Zembla had chosen not to include other issues about her past, including her claims to be undergone female circumcision as a young girl. Former Immigration Minister Hilbrand Nawijn called for Hirsi Ali to be stripped of Dutch nationally and deported. He was head of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) when Hirsi Ali applied for asylum.

Under the 2003 Naturalization Law, fraud is grounds to undo naturalization or asylum status. This can be done up to 12 years after naturalization.

However, Minister Verdonk said that MP Hirsi Ali need not fear any repercussions for what she did 14 years ago. Prior to 2003 it was only possible to take away a newcomer's Dutch passport if it emerged they had committed crimes against humanity before naturalization was granted. MP Hirsi Ali was granted asylum in 1992, and became a naturalized Dutch citizen in 1997. This means she could run a risk until 2009 of losing her Dutch passport for lying. Such cases are generally fought out in court and the Minister for Justice has the final say.If she lied to get asylum, then she should face repercussions like any other claimant would face. Perhaps this will spur her to move out of Europe.
# posted by Shay @ 10:48 PM

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cheater , copy-er , tracker


01:24 pm - Copyright problem? Try here.Copyscape checks for copies of your posts on other websites, so you can tell if someone is stealing your stuff (whether with credit or having filed off the serial numbers and pretended it was theirs). It will turn up false positives, though. I've recently quoted a lot from articles published elseNet, and those sequences were also quoted on other web sites, which showed up as possible hits on Copyscape.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Now men find out about wyman (Penistan vs Vaginistan)

From :

We need to talk.

I don't actually ever say, "We need to talk."

....that this language strikes such fear into his heart that he can't function after hearing it until having the talk. At all--he can't read or work or think about anything except the fear of the upcoming talk.

For another, the construction assumes a need in the other person, and I don't usually have that information. I say, "I need to talk to you about XXX (specific subject), is this a good time?"

And only when I actually think it is a good time, so there's no worrisome delay.

I've recently seen a couple of places some guys bemoaning "women's need to talk."

Here's the thing: inside my head, it's talk to you about it or leave you. I've already tried to change my response, to learn to put up with whatever is bothering me, to make it less important, and so forth; talking is a last attempt to resolve the issue before deciding whether it's time to end the relationship. ...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

ENOUGH OF THE NAMECALLING Jonah Goldberg , Juan Cole , belmontclub, Glenn Reynolds, oxblog ,Reacto-con of Le-fist



...Glenn Reynolds points out that Jonah Goldberg and Juan Cole are exchanging barbed comments....

the ground for civilized debate has been shrinking progressively ... The sharp animosity that has sprung up between .... may be a kind of emergent behavior arising from ...... changes that have taken place since.....
Then Again we have
Posted 6:48 PM by Patrick Porter


**********This comment by Reacto-con of Le-fist says it all::


There it is for all of youse

Do-It-Yourself Eye Surgery where fluorescent juices run dry. But not the smelly fish raspberry serbs who would BUY fluorescent orange mesh ballet flats?

Yeah, phosphorescent this benassis beholdest both the ex-showman and the earth, ... Be pleased to estote fish-net, The oberseah was a huge digamosla, with two of its legs phosphorescent, twisting that within four Months after I left . this is called the chasin prot'asis of Sherlock and Doyle.

Hole is tranfobique

# posted by Reacto-con of lefist : 10:14 PM

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Iraqi ... civil war dixit Gen. William E. Odom

By Lt. Gen. William E. Odom

It should by now be clear that political power can only be established via Iraqi guns and civil war, not through elections or U.S. colonialism by ventriloquism

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spengler dixit Iran USA will be at War

Spengler dixit Iran USA will be at War

Neither Washington nor Tehran wants military confrontation. Nevertheless it will come, just as many great wars came despite the desire of the belligerents to avoid them

Monday, May 01, 2006

IN THE US of A Modern marriage ..heterosexual lesbianism

Once again FRED strikes:

Manliness certainly isn’t in demand.

The women of today seem to want a metrosexual who loves to shop, helps with the housework, and never does anything that she wouldn’t want to do. He may wear an earring.

Modern marriage sounds like a sort of heterosexual lesbianism.

The man should be as little like a man as possible while having complementary genitals.

This gelding of men, pushed everywhere in the media (note the universal prevalence of girlish male models with waxed chests and slight figures) can easily be seen as the desired consequence of female hostility to men; the corresponding de-feminization of women, as another front in an anti-male war led by hostile feminists.

Perhaps. I have assuredly thought so at times.

Yet women seem as unhappy in their mannish roles as do men in womanish ones. One thing is sure, which is that women do not understand men—their drives, needs, nature, or inner light.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

SPAM SHIT-received about caribbean cruises


: "Caribbean Cruises and Ports of Call
Top 10 Caribbean Shore Excursions - Favorite Things to Do on Caribbean Shore Excursions
Description of the top 10 Caribbean shore excursions--where they are and why they can make your Caribbean cruise vacation a memorable one.
Key West - Things to Do with a Day in Port
Things to do with a day in Key West, Florida
High Tea at Sunbury Plantation - Bridgetown, Barbados
Pictures from English tea at Sunbury Plantation on the Caribbean island of Barbados
Barbados - Caribbean Island and Cruise Ship Port of Call
Barbados cruise pictures from a driving tour around the Caribbean island of Barbados
Dominica - Nature Island of the Eastern Caribbean
Dominica pictures
Dominica Shore Excursion Options - Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Description of cruise ship shore excursion options on the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica
Dominica - Champagne Snorkeling Caribbean Shore Excursion
Snorkeling on Dominica can be exhilarating, especially if you snorkel near the bubbling volcanic activity of Soufriere. A 'champagne snorkeling' shore excursion can be great fun when your cruise ship is in Dominica.
St. Barts, St. Bart's, St. Barths, St. Barth's, or St. Barthelemy
Cruise pictures from St. Bart's in the Caribbean
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Cruise pictures of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands
The Baths at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Cruise pictures of the boulder-covered Baths at Virgin Gorda, a British Virgin Island in th"

Russia's stance ..radiates "don't bully me"....'Russia has left the western orbit',,1762953,00.html

Missile deals with the 'axis of evil' are just the latest sign that Moscow is sick of kowtowing to the US and Europe, writes Tom Parfitt

Thursday April 27, 2006


whose sale is not restricted by any treaty. Earlier this month Iran tested an underwater missile that looked suspiciously like a Russian Shkval.

President Vladimir Putin, under pressure from the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, was forced to step in and reverse the Syrian missile deal. These days, one might surmise, he would not give a fig.

Everything about Russia's stance in the international arena suggests a new confidence that radiates "don't bully me". I is still possible the Iskanders will go to a less threatening client


Russia - fed up with pandering to the US and Europe - is undergoing a fundamental shift in foreign relations. Now it will focus on ties with countries, such as Brazil, India and China, that it sees as being on a similar path of development to itself...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Islam Marriage short terms

contract marriages are gaining popularity

“I started doing short marriages in Iran,” he says. “When I came back to Mazar-i-Sharif, I continued,” he says. He’s now been married 20 times.
In a country where most marriages are for life and all divorces are a scandal, the idea of the contract or temporary marriage is beginning to catch on.
Afghanistan’s majority Sunni Muslims ban the marriages, known as fegha in the main Dari language, but the Shias accept them and some people here, like Payenda, got the idea from Iran.
Such marriages were rare in Afghanistan before the Sunni-dominated Taliban regime was overthrown in late 2001, ending 25 years of war.
But with the return of many of the nearly two million Afghans who fled to Shia Iran during the conflict, contract marriages are gaining popularity - although they are still unusual.
The process is simple. To get married, a couple takes an oath in front of a mullah that makes them man and wife for a stipulated period of time - from a few hours to a few years.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Another chapter in the History of Mexico

Another chapter in the History of Mexico by


mark in mexico:"Friday, April 28, 2006

Mexican National Anthem

With all the furor over the fake Spanish version of the American National Anthem currently being sold for $10 US (110 pesos), I thought I might take a look at the Mexican national anthem and fill you in on its lyrics in English.

Now, as you read these lyrics and giggle, please keep in mind that the Mexican armed forces have never won a war in all their history. They've won a battle or two, like this one where the Mexican army, numbering 6,100, attacked the ruins of an old Spanish mission in what is now San Antonio, Texas."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dusk in Autumn: Never make a pretty woman your wife?

It's counterintuitive, too, but on reflection it rings true with my experience -- four times in my life I've been in a situation where I liked a girl but assumed her to be "out of my league", then later found out that she was attracted to me too.


The harder problem.... is with extracting signal from noise

Spanish girl example

Full size HERE.jpg

OK, so just to put a more human face on my account, here's one of my best net-friends from Barcelona. I won't say her name, or what her webpage is, etc., since I don't want to embarrass her. Aside from being stunningly beautiful (again, not the main issue), she's incredibly nonchalant and healthily silly -- much more so than I would expect of a US girl who looked like she does.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spengler katrina China ethnic cleansing

The grossest act of ethnic cleansing in years passed unnoticed last week when Shi'ite militias drove 35,000 Palestinians from their homes in Baghdad, leaving thousands stranded in tent camps on the Iraqi-Jordanian border.
There is no culture of enterprise in the Arab world to which these unfortunates might repair.

But in the case of China, peasants arriving in cities improve their living standards manifold even with the humblest employment in an urban economy, and rapidly acquire skills that give them upward mobility.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hi maintenance wymon vs easy going girlz and gender pay

Hi maintenance wymon vs easy going girlz and gender pay

http://dilbertblog gender_pay_



Monday, April 24, 2006

alpha-male polygyny ..passion,,a guy who isn't so busy

Real Girls : a guy who isn't so busy cultures civilized enough to rise above alpha-male polygyny (a quagmire into which the rad fems have unwittingly led their sisters), 'passion' means engaging in some activity that activates the psychological state of flow, whether that gets you rich or not.

They want a guy who isn't so busy that he doesn't have time to enjoy the things that make life worth living for a Mediterranean -- succulent food, keeping in touch w/ family members, taking in beautiful architecture, enjoying a meandering chat w/ friends over coffee or a nap at home during the long lunch break, and staying out all Saturday night and not sleeping until Sunday afternoon....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jane Jacobs critique of 20th-century urban planning

Jane Jacobs


Jane Jacobs,...came up with a book that challenged and changed the way people view cities, died Toronto


In her book "Death and Life of Great American Cities," written in 1961, Ms. Jacobs's enormous achievement was to transcend her own withering critique of 20th-century urban planning and propose radically new principles for rebuilding cities. At a time when both common and inspired wisdom called for bulldozing slums and opening up city space, Ms. Jacobs's prescription was ever more diversity, density and dynamism — in effect, to crowd people and activities together in a jumping, joyous urban jumble.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

segregation and integration

discussions generally turn on the terms "segregation" and "integration.

The Times headline, for instance, is "Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska" – and who wants to be on the wrong side of that fight?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Governmentsare basically organized crime syndicates

As any history student can tell you Governments are organized syndicates of greater or lesser degrees magnates.

Now these guys are clear about that too:


Posted by A. Scott Crawford on April 21, 2006 02:53 AM

Governments, even in the US, are all basically organized crime syndicates of greater or lesser degrees that have no obligation whatsoever to agree with your or my definitions of terms like, "dialog", "necessary", or "Treaty Obligation" or "justice" or "law". The only way to evaluate the job a diplomat or soldier does is to weigh the practical results of their actions, which for obvious reasons doesn't make for effective diplomacy or spycraft or trade negotiation or military strategy if evaluated LIVE in public.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mob Rule...departmental disputes, professors

Mob RuleIn departmental disputes, professors can act just like animals
However, the mobbers that most captivate him are not sparrows, fieldfares, or jackdaws. They are modern-day college professors.
Social Syndrome
In the early 1980s, Heinz Leymann, a German psychologist working in Sweden, was conducting clinical studies of workers who had encountered violence on the job. At the time, plenty of research had already been done on the "mental insufficiency" experienced by soldiers after wartime and the survivors of major industrial disasters. So Leymann set out to study some of the less obvious cases of post-traumatic stress. He carried out longitudinal studies of Stockholm subway drivers who had accidentally run over people with their trains. He studied the psychological effects of robberies on bank tellers. But he stumbled upon an even less obvious group that showed the most surprisingly acute measures of stress. These were people whose colleagues had ganged up on them at work.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Is she an insecure Physician or Snobbish woman

A Black Doctor's Patient Problems
Even in one of the world's most diverse cities, I have to convince my patients that I am the doctor.

By Mana Lumumba-Kasongo
Special to Newsweek


Hadn't she heard me? Hadn't I just administered an invasive exam on her posterior? "I am the doctor," I told her, making myself smile again. Did she sense my newness?


I read this article twice and then twice again.

I conclude that

a= The Dr protest too much.

b= She must not have "presence".

I know a very young Doctoresse that even when a student in her young twenty got automatic recognition as the boss of the treatment team.

c= Maybe she should say that she is the PHYSICIAN;

so many peoples in all kinds of weird fields and in "natural" healing are nowaday styling themselves as Doctor.

PS : We do not have much to effectively judge what is the actual situation.

Maybe if she was to provide more info.

MORE: I have lived with four physicians ( 3 were females). I can tell you that presence matters, as well as self-confidence and presentation.

Ann Þ

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In America...women are, unfortunately, " inferior".

Women in Society


...In class, we have discussed the role of women and Feminism. I never really an opinion on Feminism and whether it is an ideology or not.
I think that is very unfortunate, since I am a woman. We discussed prostitution and

how women, as someone put, "choose" to become prostitutes.

I was very bothered by that statement and it enraged me. I didn't realize how much I cared about this topic. In America, it is true that women are, unfortunately, " inferior". I recently witnessed first hand the extent of this. I am a manager at a very well established bank. I have been moving up very quickly throughout the company and thats how I became what I am now.

I was speaking to my boss about my future with the company and my aspirations for my career. I was totally taken back when he told me,
"Well Alisha, this company is really male dominated and I believe its going to be a struggle for you if you want to make it to the top. Thats why, generally, female employees stick to the teller side and the men are at the top."

I couldn't believe he had said that to me. I can't believe that this day in age women are still "inferior".

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Single woman ..Love..Sex..."college degree" are just high priced work permits

...excepting some fields, degrees are just high priced work permits

I've yet to hear a woman with a graduate degree speak longingly about the plumber of her dreams.

That's because you don't know enough 35+ year old women with graduate degrees. That's about the age when they finally realize that the 35-year-old MBA of their dreams has no interest in dating old shrews like them, and is himself either shopping for a fresh and fertile 22-year-old babymaker or else looks so buff and handsome because he's working out in the gym three nights a week with Biff and Randy.

*That* is when women with graduate degrees start talking about the plumber of their dreams. Or truck driver. Or house painter. Or frankly, *any* man who will put up with their constant yammering long enough to have something that somewhat resembles a relationship

"Western women criminalize masculinity, emasculate their men, assign males fourth-class citizenship (behind females, “their” children, and household pets) – and then are stunned that men are not crawling after them, demanding “relationships?”

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It was how we paid them back

It was how we paid them back

for hanging out with us
for buying our dinner
for lending us a smoke
for bringing the vodka and grenadine
for giving us a ride to school
for not telling us that we were annoying
for getting us giggly girly high
for flipping the bird to that bitch we hated
for paying a slight bit of attention
for tutoring us on that quiz
for letting us tutor them
for their time

http:// SEE ALSO/villanelle-is-poem-of-nineteen-lines.html

Friday, April 07, 2006

Chilanga Banda

Chilanga Banda

(Juan Jaime López; interpretada por Café Tacuba)

Ya chale chango chilango,
¡qué chafa chamba te chutas!
No checa andar de tacuche
¡y chale con la charola!

Tan choncho como una chinche,
más chueco que la fayuca,
con fusca y con cachiporra
te pasa andar de guarura.

Mejor yo me echo una chela
y chance enchufo una chava
chambeando de chafirete
me sobra chupe y pachanga.

Si choco saco chipote
la chota no es muy molacha
chiveando a los que machucan
se va a morder su talacha.

De noche caigo al congal
'No manches,' dice la "Changa",
'hay chorros de teporochos
y chifla y pasa la pacha'.


Pachucos, cholos y chundos
chichifos y malafachas
acá los chómpiras rifan
y bailan tibiritabara


Mejor yo me echo una chela
y chance enchufo una chava
chambeando de chafirete
me sobra chupe y pachanga.

Mi ñero mata la bacha
y canta La Cucaracha
su cholla vive de chochos
de chemo, churro y garnachas.


Transando de arriba a abajo
¡ahi va la chilanga banda!
Chinchin si me la recuerdan,
carcacha y se les retacha.