Monday, May 29, 2006

The European Right does not exist,,There is no such thing as Europe.(Elvis lives)

There is no such thing as Europe says

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When the British think-tank Centre for European Reform, which is wholly sympathetic to the “European project” (it used to take a perestroika view of a need to reform and readjust but no longer does so) talks of a “European social policy” or a “European farm policy”, the terminology is understandable.

But when a website like Brussels Journal, which boasts of its opposition to European integration, or a think-tank like Open Europe produce postings or, in the case of the latter, papers and discussions about the best way forward for “Europe” one needs to call a halt.

The European Right does not exist in any coherent sense.
The Right in Central Europe is completely different from the Anglospheric British or American one, though there is the occasional overlap.

France divides politically along fault-lines that are not repeated anywhere else.

And the Right in Scandinavia tends to be somewhere around the moderate Left everywhere else.

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