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The Gobarmint is late as usual

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in the comments to
William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security

Telephone Records are just the Tip of NSA's Iceberg

to get call records, you should check out -

where EVERYONE has access to you call records.

This is hardly an invasion of privacy, when one can find a person's call records on line.

There are of course other sites that provide similar access to wireline calls, and of course the big telcos has for years been "mining" the data contained in call detail reocrds to upsell


Ann Says That Kim DuToit was correct about a lot of things for a long time

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Putin Baby bonus Althouse Zaftig

Zaftig is a Yiddish word meaning ripe or luscious, and is commonly applied to curvaceous women. Euphemisms for slightly fat; ..buxom chubby "pleasingly plump" rubenesque. Desirably plump and curvaceous; Having a well rounded figure; Sexy; Attractive.

I discovered that word because of discussion about baby bonus

Steven said
So how much money would it take to change your mind and cause you to have one more child that you had (or plan to have) on your own?

Hmm. Okay, working out the costs invlved in haing a kid, how much does a fertile bride run these days? I know the traditional unit was livestock . . . .

Oh. Not done anymore? Okay.

How much money would I need to get an attractive (preferably zaftig), pleasant, young, fertile, and reasonably intelligent girl who wants to have kids to marry me ...

MOST MEN I KNOW WOULD HAVE GIVEN one of THEIR ARM FOR the intelectual ANN ALTHOUSE as per her Zaftig foto recently posted

(guys read the blog and finf the pic. It is worth it. She looks great)

Ann Þ

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The European Right does not exist,,There is no such thing as Europe.(Elvis lives)

There is no such thing as Europe says

Albion's Seedlings weblog

When the British think-tank Centre for European Reform, which is wholly sympathetic to the “European project” (it used to take a perestroika view of a need to reform and readjust but no longer does so) talks of a “European social policy” or a “European farm policy”, the terminology is understandable.

But when a website like Brussels Journal, which boasts of its opposition to European integration, or a think-tank like Open Europe produce postings or, in the case of the latter, papers and discussions about the best way forward for “Europe” one needs to call a halt.

The European Right does not exist in any coherent sense.
The Right in Central Europe is completely different from the Anglospheric British or American one, though there is the occasional overlap.

France divides politically along fault-lines that are not repeated anywhere else.

And the Right in Scandinavia tends to be somewhere around the moderate Left everywhere else.

Agreed, and all of go READ this blog. It is most awsome

Ann Þ

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r and K type : what I learned today because I read the comments at

In biology, there are two primary reproduction strategies. (all ref from google search)

The , "r-Type", is far more Darwinian in its approach

Opportunistic ( r-type)

smaller and simpler organisms will favor r - type reproduction ( lots of offspring ) ...

The r type reproductive strategy is basically to pump as much energy and resources .

r type strategy, ie rapid growth, precocious. sexual maturity and short life cycle, .

An r-type organism prefers quick reproduction,

The r-strategy means being very sexually active and having many offspring.


"K-Type" means that the organism should have fewer offspring and put more effort into making sure those children survive.

- the idea is to have as much offspring as possible and the only the strongest will survive.

Equilibrial (K-type)

K-type. (few offspring, expensive care)

The K type strategy involves a large investment of resources in the

k type, with slow growth, late reproduc- ...

For a "K" type population, a certain level of intelligence, coupled with social groupings, is quite advantageous.

The K-strategy means having fewer offspring, but with both mother and father giving them more care.
Humans are the most K strategists of all species.

For our purposes, r is a term in Wilson's equation (Harvard University biologist E.O. Wilson) that stands for the natural rate of reproduction (the number of offspring).

The symbol K stands for the amount of care parents give to insure that their offspring survive.

Plants and animals have different life history strategies. Some are more r and others are relatively more K.

The key for understanding K-selection is the predictability of the environment. Tropical areas like Africa are less predictable because of parasites and sudden droughts. Therefore they select for an r-strategy rather than a K-strategy.

Ann Þ thanks a comment in G

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Pagans, Da Vinci Code, women, Feministas and Catholicism

Da Vinci Code, women, and Catholicism
From the Steve S

One of the more curious aspects of the cult of The Da Vinci Code is the lack of skepticism
a vast plot to steal from women the feminist freedoms they had enjoyed under "the pagans" who worshipped "the Goddess."

First, pagans didn't worship the Goddess because if they had, they wouldn't have been pagans, they have been monotheists.

Like his New Age feminist sources, Brown is a slave to the intellectual prestige of monotheism.
So, a bunch of goddesses get reduced down to the Goddess because monotheism just seems more respectable.

pagans have tended to mean by it: i.e., fertility goddesses...
Now, you can see a bit of a problem for modern feminists in praising ancient conceptions of women as most sacred when barefoot and pregnant,

Third, hostility to paganism -- that's what the Protestants, Jews, and Muslims complained about ... that Catholicism wasn't hostile enough towards paganism.


Fourth, doesn't anybody remember basic Roman Empire sociology? Early Christianity particularly appealed to women, especially widows........"Christian women had tremendous advantages compared to the woman next door, who was like them in every way except that she was a pagan.

First, when did you get married? Most pagan girls were married off around age 11, before puberty, and they had nothing to say about it, and they got married to some 35-year-old guy.
Christian women had plenty of say in the matter and tended to marry around age 18.

"Abortion was a huge killer of women in this period, but Christian women were spared that.

And infanticide—pagans killed little girls left and right. We’ve unearthed sewers clogged with the bones of newborn girls. But Christians prohibited this.

Consequently, the sex ratio changed and Christians didn’t have the enormous shortage of women that plagued the rest of the empire."
Fifth, the idea that the Catholic Church kept women down is pretty odd: What other monotheistic religion honored hundreds of women as saints?

So, the real complaint in The Da Vinci Code is that The Pill wasn't invented until 1964.

My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
posted by Steve Sailer at 5/24/2006


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Anarchists Unite : Choke the political parties

writes on May 15, 2006 at 9:35 AM at HOT AIR

Choke the political parties:

Register with both the DNC and RNC web-sites so you’ll be sure to get a raft of solicitations including postage paid return envelopes.
Tape each one you get to a brick (to use in building a wall on the border) and drop it off at the post office.

How many bricks do you think it would take to break both parties. Enough so they’ll get the message?

Ann Þ
says this will work about any issues in almost every modern contries in the world

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The Belmont Club: The New World--useless hot air as usual


The Belmont Club: The New World

The New World
Foreign Policy's article

the Six Most Important U.S. Military Bases lists:
Andersen Air Force Base & Apra Harbor, Guam;
Balad Air Base/Camp Anaconda, Iraq;
Bezmer Air Base, Bulgaria;
Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory;
Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba;
Manas Air Base, Kirgizstan

as the most vital installations in the world.
There may be disagreements about whether or not these should be the Top Six US bases worldwide, but the list serves to illustrate the geopolitical transformation that has taken place since 2000.

plus many comments and
the usual shooting match going nowhere...
useless hot air as usual

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US democracy will commit suicide.


( this is a free advert-no money is paid by JP)

Democracy is a dangerous form of government.

There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.

The Framers opted for a federal republic, a Nation of States, an experiment in ordered liberty with variants. ...
It was transformed into a more unitary state by the Civil War, but even that did not destroy the fundamental character of these United States. ...
as late as 1938 Washington, DC was a small town in Maryland,

.... US went from Federal Republic to National Democracy,
... Now we are going further down that axis toward a French-style Centralized Bureaucratic Rule. We are becoming a national democracy.

There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.

...The Swiss Exception is instructive: Switzerland is a democracy, and it is diverse in both language and confession -- and it is not unitary. Few Swiss can name their President although most can tell you the name of the Canton and Commune officials relevant to their lives. A national democracy cannot endure as a culturally diverse society with cultural, linguistic, and religious diversities. It cannot. Democracy is a dangerous form of government.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ALL AMERKA ARE BELONG TO OTHERS is out of the First World.

America is pulling out of the First World. says fred last year . Nothing is getting better.


all the design work and programming are going to Mumbai, except the part that already has. Manufacturing is pretty much in China already, Mexicans do all the scutwork, and blacks work for the government or not at all, or both at once. That leaves whites as midlevel bureaucrats supervising each other. Thing is, whites are getting so they can’t read either,


All the professors in America of anything practical are already Chinese or Indian. Or getting that way fast.You think I exaggerate? Ha. Checking the staff of the University of Central Florida’s school of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering, I discover that most of Mumbai has already moved to America. Shanghai too. There follows an unedited list:
Ranganathan Kumar, Linan An, Quanfang Chen, Ruey-Hung Chen, Larry Chew, Hyoung Jin "Joe" Cho, Louis C. Chow, Kevin R. Coffey, Ted Conway, Vimal Desai, Jiyu Fang, A. Henry Hagedoorn, Olusegun Illegbusi, Roger Johnson, Samar Jyoti Kalita, Jayanta Kapat, Aravinda Kar, Alain Kassab, Christine Klemenz, Alexander Leonessa, Kuo-Chi "Kurt" Lin, Antonio Minardi, Faissal Moslehy, Jamal F. Nayfeh, David Nicholson, Eric L. Petersen, Sudipta Seal, Yongho Sohn, C. "Sury" Suryanarayana, Raj Vaidyanathan, Quan Wang, Fang Xu, Richard Zarda.
If that ain’t a hotbed of Anglo-Saxon achievement, I can’t imagine what might be.


Ann Þ

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at Polipundit : Divorce in the blogsphere; will more polygamous bloggers split from their group marriage?

!at Polpundit:Divorce in the blogsphere; will more polygamous bloggers split from their group marriage?



The fact is that I believe this is the last time I will be blogging at Polipundit.

It is really hard to build a following in the blogosphere with so much competition and to have to walk away from a readership that I helped in part to build. That is one of the main reasons I have stayed for so long. Polipundit was kind enough to split the ad revenue with us equally, too,
I may decide to stay on my own, or I may join with some other bloggers to form a new group blog. There are pros and cons associated with each and I don't want to rush into anything.

Trackback link

See also

why I hate the blogosphere: The Polipundit Purge from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Ann Þ

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What is a blog; How to blog


Digging Deeper
Your Guide to Blogging
by Mark Glaser, 1:51PM


....Common Elements of a BlogThere have been quite a few online shouting matches over what elements every blog should have to be considered a blog. Let’s just say that the following are common elements of a blog (though they don’t show up on every blog, including this very one):..

Online Journalism Review — a publication where I once wrote a column — has a great roundup of blog services, complete with side-by-side comparison chart . OJR mentions some popular options such as Blogger, TypePad and WordPress .
However, the article doesn’t mention some popular blog communities such as LiveJournal , MSN Spaces , Yahoo 360 or AOL Journals — all of which are free. Note that these communities offer more personal blog spaces, more like MySpace , than the services such as Blogger or TypePad, where more professionals self-publish.


***************** SEE MORE AT
Are you using the right blogging tool?

Blogs are one of the hottest publishing tools around, but picking blog software can be confusing and frustrating. Use this primer to get a feel for what's available and what will work best for you.

By Susannah GardnerPosted: 2005-07-14





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Grammar: a declarative irrealis mood content clause

languagelog 003150.html

if as a subordinator to introduce a declarative irrealis mood content clause, and that this is one of the grammatical possibilities with the matrix verb prefer.

if introduces a finite clause in which the verb is in the special irrealis form if the verb has one.

The inflectional system of English is much less complex than it was a thousand years ago,
and today there is only one verb that has an irrealis form that is (in spelling and pronunciation) different from its preterite.
That verb is be. And even for be, there are only two contexts in which you can tell the irrealis from the preterite:
the first person singular (if I were you) and
the third person singular (if he were really smart).

In all other person/number combinations, were is the preterite form too,

but in these two the preterite would be was, so we can see whether the irrealis is being used.



*********Excellent ref here


Also to X-Ref to conditional futur subjunctive potential virtual mood (valid in french and spanish)

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Absurd despair:? no

Absurd despair:

A hardhat diver was exploring a wreck deep under the ocean, when he got a call on the diving phone from his captain in the ship above. 'Come up! Come up now!' the captain said.

'Why?' asked the diver. 'Why? Because the ship is sinking!' ''



Ann Þ

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Terrorist massacre heads of states in LatAm ; Evangelina Carrozzo

!" Terrorist massacre all european heads of states in LatAm"

If that is the best that security services can do we could have had that

Thanks to :
Evangelina Carrozzo :

La regina del Carnevale di Gualeguaychú irrompe nel Vertice internazionale di Vienna, con uno spettacolare bikini e un cartello di GreenPeace che dice: "No a las papeleras contaminantes". Un trionfo della bellezza argentina di fronte ad una platea di 60 premier europei ed americani tra cui: Blair, Chirac, Zapatero, Merkel, Chávez, Bachelett, Néstor Kirchner e Tabaré Vázquez. Un bel colpo di teatro organizzato da Greenpeace...
Evangelina Carrozzo (25 anni, 173cm, 85-62-90) diventa una stella di fama mondiale.


Lindo bikinazo de Evangelina Carrozzo


Ann Þ

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"anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier", Mark Steyn guilty of plagiarism?

"anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier",


Mark Steyn guilty of plagiarism?
I described the facts in an earlier post. It seems clear to me that in Steyn's 550-word discussion of Dan Brown's style, he took the terminology, most of the basic ideas, all of his three examples (in order), a couple of turns of phrase, and his punch line from one of Geoff Pullum's Language Log posts. He credits Pullum by name (though he gives no link or any other sort of source citation) for the term "anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier", but not for the rest of his borrowings. I promised to give my opinion later on, and this is a first installment.

Ann Þ

SEE ALso my previous post

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Grammar - the present imperfect aspect in English!?

"in Black English you might find a phrase like 'he be going' which violates standard English grammar rules. The phrase does not mean, as some might assume, 'he is going' or 'he goes'. Rather, 'he be going' says something about the aspect of the verb that the standard variants do not; it means 'he goes all the time' which is basically the invention of the present imperfect aspect in English."


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grammar- the anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier

from Mark Steyn:

May 10, 2005

The Da Vinci Code: bad writing for Biblical illiterates


The linguist Geoffrey Pullum -- or linguist Geoffrey Pullum, as novelist Dan Brown would say -- identifies this as the anarthrous occupational nominal premodifier, to which renowned novelist Dan Brown is unusually partial. In Deception Point, in what must count as a wild experiment in form for him, he holds off on the AONP until the second sentence:

"Death, in this forsaken place, could come in countless forms. Geologist Charles Brophy had endured the savage splendor of this terrain for years . . ."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Different culture and NYC

A difference between the English and USians:
"If an Englishman says he doesn't speak French very well, that means he's fluent. If a USian says he speaks French, that means he can order a cup of coffee in a cafe."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hirsi Ali (and I liked her) a dumb lying wymon?

MP Lied To Obtain Political Asylum
Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has admitted she told more lies about her past in order to get asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 than she has previously admitted in public in the past.
The Dutch TV programme Zembla, a Dutch television program, established that - rather than fleeing the violence and warfare in her land of origin Somalia, as the moderate-conservative parliamentarian and feminist has claimed - she spent more than ten years in reasonable comfort in Kenya before applying for asylum first in Germany and then in the Netherlands. MP Hirsi Ali said she lied because she was afraid of being turned down a second time. However, she told the leadership of the conservative political party (which is known as a classically liberal party in Europe) the true story when she applied to become a parliamentary candidate in 2002. The party has confirmed this. Apparently, Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk - who is also a member of the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) - recently told her that, if she had been minister at the time and had known the truth, she would have deported MP Hirsi Ali.These commentary pieces provide more details. Zembla retraced MP Hirsi Ali's journey from Somalia, via Kenya, to the Netherlands and uncovered both well-documented and previously unreported inconsistencies in her story. Interviews with her brother, aunt and ex-husband raised doubts about MP Hirsi Ali's contention she fled to Europe to escape possible retribution from her family for not going through with an arranged marriage. Her relatives contradicted her claim that she was not present during the wedding to the Canadian-Somali man. MP Hirsi Ali said she was forced to marry a stranger but her ex-husband said they had been in love and spent the week together after the wedding. He then went back to Canada to prepare for her arrival. Supplied with a plane ticket, MP Hirsi Ali later arrived in Germany and took a train to Amsterdam rather than continue the planned journey to Canada.MP Hirsi Ali has for years admitted she made up parts of her story to get asylum in the Netherlands but she insisted to Zembla her relatives and ex-husband were lying in regard to some of the details. The program-makers said it was decided to look into her past because of differing accounts she has given over the years about her past. A spokesperson for the VVD said the party had been aware that MP Hirsi Ali lied about her name and date of birth when seeking asylum. This was not seen as a barrier to her joining the party or becoming one of its MPs. Other Somalis living as refugees in Kenya were refused asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 because Kenya was considered a safe country. MP Hirsi Ali, who had refugee status in Kenya, told Dutch immigration officials she was fleeing from Somalia. She was granted asylum within five weeks, an apparent record. Zembla showed footage of MP Hirsi Ali in a documentary made the Dutch Muslim broadcaster only months after she was supposedly in hiding for fear of retribution from her family. It also emerged she was in contact with her father and on one occasion her jilted husband came to see her in the Netherlands. He left without harming her when she made it clear she did not want to continue with the marriage. The MP's spokesperson said there was nothing new in the documentary and noted Zembla had chosen not to include other issues about her past, including her claims to be undergone female circumcision as a young girl. Former Immigration Minister Hilbrand Nawijn called for Hirsi Ali to be stripped of Dutch nationally and deported. He was head of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) when Hirsi Ali applied for asylum.

Under the 2003 Naturalization Law, fraud is grounds to undo naturalization or asylum status. This can be done up to 12 years after naturalization.

However, Minister Verdonk said that MP Hirsi Ali need not fear any repercussions for what she did 14 years ago. Prior to 2003 it was only possible to take away a newcomer's Dutch passport if it emerged they had committed crimes against humanity before naturalization was granted. MP Hirsi Ali was granted asylum in 1992, and became a naturalized Dutch citizen in 1997. This means she could run a risk until 2009 of losing her Dutch passport for lying. Such cases are generally fought out in court and the Minister for Justice has the final say.If she lied to get asylum, then she should face repercussions like any other claimant would face. Perhaps this will spur her to move out of Europe.
# posted by Shay @ 10:48 PM

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Cheater , copy-er , tracker


01:24 pm - Copyright problem? Try here.Copyscape checks for copies of your posts on other websites, so you can tell if someone is stealing your stuff (whether with credit or having filed off the serial numbers and pretended it was theirs). It will turn up false positives, though. I've recently quoted a lot from articles published elseNet, and those sequences were also quoted on other web sites, which showed up as possible hits on Copyscape.

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Now men find out about wyman (Penistan vs Vaginistan)

From :

We need to talk.

I don't actually ever say, "We need to talk."

....that this language strikes such fear into his heart that he can't function after hearing it until having the talk. At all--he can't read or work or think about anything except the fear of the upcoming talk.

For another, the construction assumes a need in the other person, and I don't usually have that information. I say, "I need to talk to you about XXX (specific subject), is this a good time?"

And only when I actually think it is a good time, so there's no worrisome delay.

I've recently seen a couple of places some guys bemoaning "women's need to talk."

Here's the thing: inside my head, it's talk to you about it or leave you. I've already tried to change my response, to learn to put up with whatever is bothering me, to make it less important, and so forth; talking is a last attempt to resolve the issue before deciding whether it's time to end the relationship. ...

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ENOUGH OF THE NAMECALLING Jonah Goldberg , Juan Cole , belmontclub, Glenn Reynolds, oxblog ,Reacto-con of Le-fist



...Glenn Reynolds points out that Jonah Goldberg and Juan Cole are exchanging barbed comments....

the ground for civilized debate has been shrinking progressively ... The sharp animosity that has sprung up between .... may be a kind of emergent behavior arising from ...... changes that have taken place since.....
Then Again we have
Posted 6:48 PM by Patrick Porter


**********This comment by Reacto-con of Le-fist says it all::


There it is for all of youse

Do-It-Yourself Eye Surgery where fluorescent juices run dry. But not the smelly fish raspberry serbs who would BUY fluorescent orange mesh ballet flats?

Yeah, phosphorescent this benassis beholdest both the ex-showman and the earth, ... Be pleased to estote fish-net, The oberseah was a huge digamosla, with two of its legs phosphorescent, twisting that within four Months after I left . this is called the chasin prot'asis of Sherlock and Doyle.

Hole is tranfobique

# posted by Reacto-con of lefist : 10:14 PM

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Iraqi ... civil war dixit Gen. William E. Odom

By Lt. Gen. William E. Odom

It should by now be clear that political power can only be established via Iraqi guns and civil war, not through elections or U.S. colonialism by ventriloquism

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spengler dixit Iran USA will be at War

Spengler dixit Iran USA will be at War

Neither Washington nor Tehran wants military confrontation. Nevertheless it will come, just as many great wars came despite the desire of the belligerents to avoid them

Monday, May 01, 2006

IN THE US of A Modern marriage ..heterosexual lesbianism

Once again FRED strikes:

Manliness certainly isn’t in demand.

The women of today seem to want a metrosexual who loves to shop, helps with the housework, and never does anything that she wouldn’t want to do. He may wear an earring.

Modern marriage sounds like a sort of heterosexual lesbianism.

The man should be as little like a man as possible while having complementary genitals.

This gelding of men, pushed everywhere in the media (note the universal prevalence of girlish male models with waxed chests and slight figures) can easily be seen as the desired consequence of female hostility to men; the corresponding de-feminization of women, as another front in an anti-male war led by hostile feminists.

Perhaps. I have assuredly thought so at times.

Yet women seem as unhappy in their mannish roles as do men in womanish ones. One thing is sure, which is that women do not understand men—their drives, needs, nature, or inner light.