Thursday, January 19, 2006

1-Blogging Provider and 2-Forever Slow Pain or Big Bang

1-Deciding which Blogging Provider

*-Blogger, (Google owns this personal publishing tool.)

1) free,

2) simple to use,

3) less flexible,

4) no statistics.

*-TypePad, (SixApart owns TypePad, LiveJournal and Movable Type.)

a) more flexible,

b) as easy to use as Blogger ,

c) supports categories.

Social networking services are connecting member profiles to other membersÂ’ profiles and get many of the kids:






FUN FACT: Some personal ads are getting good traffic.

Blogs onAOLl

are called JOURNAL.

*-Easy and with all standard features,

*-Limited in size,

*AOLl Journal are for everybody, such as

in french


*-"AOL Red", the AOL service for teens and only members-examplee RED

NOTE: Many teens and young adults suppose that only friends will ever see their blogs. Peer pressure and instant rewards generate some revealing / outrageous content.

2-Slow pain or Big Bang (maybe combined?)

It is ugly to read a blog that is getting the kinks worked out. (this one is a good example).

Test your blog with 20-25 post and then go live. (I am not live yet-this is just an emanation of the future that travelled back in time)

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