Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Was She in full man catching mode-

Why blankets?

When you're 18 with a belly full of baby, no family, no money, and no job, things look rightfully dire.
When he's 28, hot as hell, owns his home, and wants you in his bed, you go, and you don't get out of that bed until you are kicked out.

That's what I did, and I would have done anything just to have him love me. I was convinced from the 48th hour on that he would stay with me. I was in full man catching mode at the time, considering my situation.

I Have one Question or more:

Is that real or story

HERE is more data:

Name: Nikol, Koli

E-mail: nikolhasler@gmail.com

MSN Username: ihavewarts@hotmail.com

can keep tabs on her by reading this journal or
checking in at www.wastelandpoets.com.
She is also a mother, a trouble maker and a collector of Pez dispensers and people.

A terrible story. If that is the real life of Nikol I want to do something to help.

If it is invented it is very good ! We believe in it.

I am going to write to her to find out .

Ann Þ


Ann Þø said...

Follow-up At:


2006-01-17 05:10 am UTC (link)
In my blog:


I ask myself question about the blanket. and the young mother.

I also send you an e-mail.

I will erase my post from my blog if you ask me.

Ann Þ

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anne, it is a true story. I replied to your email.