Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SO MANY CHERRIES? cherries are yummy and "kiss" and is used frequently...by Lizis

"La Cruda Lizis not working" is quite polular:
Culinary School www.culinaryschoolsite which is an information portal dedicated to providing free information and articles on culinary schools.
Quote much from Lizis on the topic
About going to the market in Bulgaria.

bring to diana's house tonight. diana is my language trainer. she's about 30, and she's GREAT.
She's having a party tonight. i know when i get back to the house with my purchases (a kilogram of cherries, 6 bananas and a kilogram of peaches) my host mom is going to be like "oh, thanks for the hair dye
WHY DID YOU BUY SO MANY CHERRIES? WE HAVE SOME RIGHT HERE?" And i will not be able to explain to her that though i know how to say a HALF kilogram of cherries, i couldnt think of the word at the right moment, and people in the market are pretty busy and not so patient.
thus, my fruit salad of three fruits might not be the best she's ever tasted... oh well!dylan asked how my language was going. (by the by, how's yours, dylan? how fast do you pick up new things, now that youre so used to the language?)
i'm really really really really REALLY sick of studying bulgarian. but, on the other hand, i can say a lot of useful things, in the present, past and future tenses. i've got the vocabulary for cooking down like nobody's business. other useful vocab has been numbers, traveling stuff, comptuer stuff, everyday activities, and a list of 100 of the most used verbs
(plus tselovam, which means "kiss" and is used frequently in language class to make example sentences more entertaining.).
eight hours of language class is probably too much, by the way. i mean, if you were thinking of staring a language school, or language training program or something. just thought i'd mention that.
this is my typical morning conversation:dobro ootro! kak si? da, as stanah po-rano dnes. Ne, as ne sum mnogo glutina. ne, blogodaria. ne, ne iskam oshte. NE, MOLYA, NE ISCKAM OSHTE!! Oh, ne, ne ne, as OBICHAM tova, no ne moga da yam oshte. shte obyatvam na dvanighset chasa, na li? caio-caio! prieten den!
good morning! how are you? yes, i got up earlier today. no, i'm nost very hungry. no, thank you. no, i don't want any more. NO, PLEASE, I DONT WANT ANY MORE!! oh, no no no, I LIKE this, but I can't eat anymore. I'll have lunch at twelve o'clock, ok? bye! have a good day!
I say what an impressive language performance of some peoples.
ann Þ

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