Sunday, April 30, 2006

SPAM SHIT-received about caribbean cruises


: "Caribbean Cruises and Ports of Call
Top 10 Caribbean Shore Excursions - Favorite Things to Do on Caribbean Shore Excursions
Description of the top 10 Caribbean shore excursions--where they are and why they can make your Caribbean cruise vacation a memorable one.
Key West - Things to Do with a Day in Port
Things to do with a day in Key West, Florida
High Tea at Sunbury Plantation - Bridgetown, Barbados
Pictures from English tea at Sunbury Plantation on the Caribbean island of Barbados
Barbados - Caribbean Island and Cruise Ship Port of Call
Barbados cruise pictures from a driving tour around the Caribbean island of Barbados
Dominica - Nature Island of the Eastern Caribbean
Dominica pictures
Dominica Shore Excursion Options - Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Description of cruise ship shore excursion options on the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica
Dominica - Champagne Snorkeling Caribbean Shore Excursion
Snorkeling on Dominica can be exhilarating, especially if you snorkel near the bubbling volcanic activity of Soufriere. A 'champagne snorkeling' shore excursion can be great fun when your cruise ship is in Dominica.
St. Barts, St. Bart's, St. Barths, St. Barth's, or St. Barthelemy
Cruise pictures from St. Bart's in the Caribbean
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Cruise pictures of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands
The Baths at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Cruise pictures of the boulder-covered Baths at Virgin Gorda, a British Virgin Island in th"

Russia's stance ..radiates "don't bully me"....'Russia has left the western orbit',,1762953,00.html

Missile deals with the 'axis of evil' are just the latest sign that Moscow is sick of kowtowing to the US and Europe, writes Tom Parfitt

Thursday April 27, 2006


whose sale is not restricted by any treaty. Earlier this month Iran tested an underwater missile that looked suspiciously like a Russian Shkval.

President Vladimir Putin, under pressure from the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, was forced to step in and reverse the Syrian missile deal. These days, one might surmise, he would not give a fig.

Everything about Russia's stance in the international arena suggests a new confidence that radiates "don't bully me". I is still possible the Iskanders will go to a less threatening client


Russia - fed up with pandering to the US and Europe - is undergoing a fundamental shift in foreign relations. Now it will focus on ties with countries, such as Brazil, India and China, that it sees as being on a similar path of development to itself...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Islam Marriage short terms

contract marriages are gaining popularity

“I started doing short marriages in Iran,” he says. “When I came back to Mazar-i-Sharif, I continued,” he says. He’s now been married 20 times.
In a country where most marriages are for life and all divorces are a scandal, the idea of the contract or temporary marriage is beginning to catch on.
Afghanistan’s majority Sunni Muslims ban the marriages, known as fegha in the main Dari language, but the Shias accept them and some people here, like Payenda, got the idea from Iran.
Such marriages were rare in Afghanistan before the Sunni-dominated Taliban regime was overthrown in late 2001, ending 25 years of war.
But with the return of many of the nearly two million Afghans who fled to Shia Iran during the conflict, contract marriages are gaining popularity - although they are still unusual.
The process is simple. To get married, a couple takes an oath in front of a mullah that makes them man and wife for a stipulated period of time - from a few hours to a few years.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Another chapter in the History of Mexico

Another chapter in the History of Mexico by


mark in mexico:"Friday, April 28, 2006

Mexican National Anthem

With all the furor over the fake Spanish version of the American National Anthem currently being sold for $10 US (110 pesos), I thought I might take a look at the Mexican national anthem and fill you in on its lyrics in English.

Now, as you read these lyrics and giggle, please keep in mind that the Mexican armed forces have never won a war in all their history. They've won a battle or two, like this one where the Mexican army, numbering 6,100, attacked the ruins of an old Spanish mission in what is now San Antonio, Texas."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dusk in Autumn: Never make a pretty woman your wife?

It's counterintuitive, too, but on reflection it rings true with my experience -- four times in my life I've been in a situation where I liked a girl but assumed her to be "out of my league", then later found out that she was attracted to me too.


The harder problem.... is with extracting signal from noise

Spanish girl example

Full size HERE.jpg

OK, so just to put a more human face on my account, here's one of my best net-friends from Barcelona. I won't say her name, or what her webpage is, etc., since I don't want to embarrass her. Aside from being stunningly beautiful (again, not the main issue), she's incredibly nonchalant and healthily silly -- much more so than I would expect of a US girl who looked like she does.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spengler katrina China ethnic cleansing

The grossest act of ethnic cleansing in years passed unnoticed last week when Shi'ite militias drove 35,000 Palestinians from their homes in Baghdad, leaving thousands stranded in tent camps on the Iraqi-Jordanian border.
There is no culture of enterprise in the Arab world to which these unfortunates might repair.

But in the case of China, peasants arriving in cities improve their living standards manifold even with the humblest employment in an urban economy, and rapidly acquire skills that give them upward mobility.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hi maintenance wymon vs easy going girlz and gender pay

Hi maintenance wymon vs easy going girlz and gender pay

http://dilbertblog gender_pay_



Monday, April 24, 2006

alpha-male polygyny ..passion,,a guy who isn't so busy

Real Girls : a guy who isn't so busy cultures civilized enough to rise above alpha-male polygyny (a quagmire into which the rad fems have unwittingly led their sisters), 'passion' means engaging in some activity that activates the psychological state of flow, whether that gets you rich or not.

They want a guy who isn't so busy that he doesn't have time to enjoy the things that make life worth living for a Mediterranean -- succulent food, keeping in touch w/ family members, taking in beautiful architecture, enjoying a meandering chat w/ friends over coffee or a nap at home during the long lunch break, and staying out all Saturday night and not sleeping until Sunday afternoon....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jane Jacobs critique of 20th-century urban planning

Jane Jacobs


Jane Jacobs,...came up with a book that challenged and changed the way people view cities, died Toronto


In her book "Death and Life of Great American Cities," written in 1961, Ms. Jacobs's enormous achievement was to transcend her own withering critique of 20th-century urban planning and propose radically new principles for rebuilding cities. At a time when both common and inspired wisdom called for bulldozing slums and opening up city space, Ms. Jacobs's prescription was ever more diversity, density and dynamism — in effect, to crowd people and activities together in a jumping, joyous urban jumble.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

segregation and integration

discussions generally turn on the terms "segregation" and "integration.

The Times headline, for instance, is "Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska" – and who wants to be on the wrong side of that fight?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Governmentsare basically organized crime syndicates

As any history student can tell you Governments are organized syndicates of greater or lesser degrees magnates.

Now these guys are clear about that too:


Posted by A. Scott Crawford on April 21, 2006 02:53 AM

Governments, even in the US, are all basically organized crime syndicates of greater or lesser degrees that have no obligation whatsoever to agree with your or my definitions of terms like, "dialog", "necessary", or "Treaty Obligation" or "justice" or "law". The only way to evaluate the job a diplomat or soldier does is to weigh the practical results of their actions, which for obvious reasons doesn't make for effective diplomacy or spycraft or trade negotiation or military strategy if evaluated LIVE in public.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mob Rule...departmental disputes, professors

Mob RuleIn departmental disputes, professors can act just like animals
However, the mobbers that most captivate him are not sparrows, fieldfares, or jackdaws. They are modern-day college professors.
Social Syndrome
In the early 1980s, Heinz Leymann, a German psychologist working in Sweden, was conducting clinical studies of workers who had encountered violence on the job. At the time, plenty of research had already been done on the "mental insufficiency" experienced by soldiers after wartime and the survivors of major industrial disasters. So Leymann set out to study some of the less obvious cases of post-traumatic stress. He carried out longitudinal studies of Stockholm subway drivers who had accidentally run over people with their trains. He studied the psychological effects of robberies on bank tellers. But he stumbled upon an even less obvious group that showed the most surprisingly acute measures of stress. These were people whose colleagues had ganged up on them at work.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Is she an insecure Physician or Snobbish woman

A Black Doctor's Patient Problems
Even in one of the world's most diverse cities, I have to convince my patients that I am the doctor.

By Mana Lumumba-Kasongo
Special to Newsweek


Hadn't she heard me? Hadn't I just administered an invasive exam on her posterior? "I am the doctor," I told her, making myself smile again. Did she sense my newness?


I read this article twice and then twice again.

I conclude that

a= The Dr protest too much.

b= She must not have "presence".

I know a very young Doctoresse that even when a student in her young twenty got automatic recognition as the boss of the treatment team.

c= Maybe she should say that she is the PHYSICIAN;

so many peoples in all kinds of weird fields and in "natural" healing are nowaday styling themselves as Doctor.

PS : We do not have much to effectively judge what is the actual situation.

Maybe if she was to provide more info.

MORE: I have lived with four physicians ( 3 were females). I can tell you that presence matters, as well as self-confidence and presentation.

Ann Þ

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In America...women are, unfortunately, " inferior".

Women in Society


...In class, we have discussed the role of women and Feminism. I never really an opinion on Feminism and whether it is an ideology or not.
I think that is very unfortunate, since I am a woman. We discussed prostitution and

how women, as someone put, "choose" to become prostitutes.

I was very bothered by that statement and it enraged me. I didn't realize how much I cared about this topic. In America, it is true that women are, unfortunately, " inferior". I recently witnessed first hand the extent of this. I am a manager at a very well established bank. I have been moving up very quickly throughout the company and thats how I became what I am now.

I was speaking to my boss about my future with the company and my aspirations for my career. I was totally taken back when he told me,
"Well Alisha, this company is really male dominated and I believe its going to be a struggle for you if you want to make it to the top. Thats why, generally, female employees stick to the teller side and the men are at the top."

I couldn't believe he had said that to me. I can't believe that this day in age women are still "inferior".

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Visitors-qui etes-vous-Who are you

This is list of recent visitors:

Please leave me A comments

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Single woman ..Love..Sex..."college degree" are just high priced work permits

...excepting some fields, degrees are just high priced work permits

I've yet to hear a woman with a graduate degree speak longingly about the plumber of her dreams.

That's because you don't know enough 35+ year old women with graduate degrees. That's about the age when they finally realize that the 35-year-old MBA of their dreams has no interest in dating old shrews like them, and is himself either shopping for a fresh and fertile 22-year-old babymaker or else looks so buff and handsome because he's working out in the gym three nights a week with Biff and Randy.

*That* is when women with graduate degrees start talking about the plumber of their dreams. Or truck driver. Or house painter. Or frankly, *any* man who will put up with their constant yammering long enough to have something that somewhat resembles a relationship

"Western women criminalize masculinity, emasculate their men, assign males fourth-class citizenship (behind females, “their” children, and household pets) – and then are stunned that men are not crawling after them, demanding “relationships?”

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It was how we paid them back

It was how we paid them back

for hanging out with us
for buying our dinner
for lending us a smoke
for bringing the vodka and grenadine
for giving us a ride to school
for not telling us that we were annoying
for getting us giggly girly high
for flipping the bird to that bitch we hated
for paying a slight bit of attention
for tutoring us on that quiz
for letting us tutor them
for their time

http:// SEE ALSO/villanelle-is-poem-of-nineteen-lines.html

Friday, April 07, 2006

Chilanga Banda

Chilanga Banda

(Juan Jaime López; interpretada por Café Tacuba)

Ya chale chango chilango,
¡qué chafa chamba te chutas!
No checa andar de tacuche
¡y chale con la charola!

Tan choncho como una chinche,
más chueco que la fayuca,
con fusca y con cachiporra
te pasa andar de guarura.

Mejor yo me echo una chela
y chance enchufo una chava
chambeando de chafirete
me sobra chupe y pachanga.

Si choco saco chipote
la chota no es muy molacha
chiveando a los que machucan
se va a morder su talacha.

De noche caigo al congal
'No manches,' dice la "Changa",
'hay chorros de teporochos
y chifla y pasa la pacha'.


Pachucos, cholos y chundos
chichifos y malafachas
acá los chómpiras rifan
y bailan tibiritabara


Mejor yo me echo una chela
y chance enchufo una chava
chambeando de chafirete
me sobra chupe y pachanga.

Mi ñero mata la bacha
y canta La Cucaracha
su cholla vive de chochos
de chemo, churro y garnachas.


Transando de arriba a abajo
¡ahi va la chilanga banda!
Chinchin si me la recuerdan,
carcacha y se les retacha.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Arab lost causes

There is ...

a quirk in Arab culture, one that encourages the support of lost causes.
The term "cut your losses and move on" is not as popular in the Arab world as it is in the West.


The Dogs of War - Lessons of the 20th Century.
By Victor Davis Hanson,


I would not wish to fight the United States - either militarily, politically, or culturally. For every threat, our history teaches us that Americans offer not just a rejoinder, but the specter of a devastating answer of a magnitude almost inconceivable to those now chanting and threatening in the streets of the Middle East. Do they have any idea of what sort of dangerous people we really are?


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cancer is a business.. a big business

Cancer is a business. That is why we still get cut up -germs-cause-prostate.php

Germs cause cancer

....The basic logic is simple: diseases which have been around for awhile, are common, and impose fitness costs should be weeded out by natural selection if they were genetic in origin; so, such diseases are likely to be infectious. This simple point is left out of a lot of the articles on newly discovered infectious origins of common diseases .....

We also know that nanobacterias cause kidney stones and heart disease

Ann Þ

Monday, April 03, 2006

Question to wymon

When the Titanic sank 74% of the women and children on board survived while only 20% of the men on board survived.

Obviously the famous dictum of "women and children first" was mostly adhered to.


see also

http:// affirmative-action-fools-no-one.html

Sunday, April 02, 2006

today gender-neutral society” does not like... problem of “unemployed manliness.”

SEE also:

... study of manliness, a quality both bad and good, mostly male, often intolerant, irrational, and ambitious.

Our “gender-neutral society” does not like it

but cannot get rid of it.
Drawing from science, literature, and philosophy, Mansfield examines the layers of manliness, from vulgar aggression, to assertive manliness, to manliness as virtue, and to philosophical manliness.
He shows that manliness seeks and welcomes drama, prefers times of war, conflict, and risk, and brings change or restores order at crucial moments.
Manly men in their assertiveness raise issues, bring them to the fore, and make them public and political—as for example, the manliness of the women’s movement.....

the author returns to today’s problem of “unemployed manliness.”

Formulating a reasoned defense of a quality hardly obedient to reason, he urges men, and especially women, to understand and accept manliness, and to give it honest and honorable employment.


paleoevangelical says

Manliness, by Harvey Mansfield, is the kind of secular book that drives much of Christianity crazy.