Friday, March 31, 2006

Peak gold now-after peak copper and peak oil


Gold to shine as output declines

Rebecca Bream,London

April 04, 2006

ANGLOGOLD Ashanti chief executive Bobby Godsell predicts that worldwide

gold production will stagnate

and then fall in the coming years as large deposits of the precious metal become scarce.

He said this would support the rally in the gold price, which last week hit a 25-year high of $US588 an ounce.

The South African company, the world's third-biggest gold producer, mined 6.2 million ounces of gold in 2005 but expects production to be lower this year, between 5.8 million and 6.1 million ounces, and then increase again in 2007 as new projects come on stream.

But Mr Godsell warned that the gold industry would find it hard to keep up current levels of production.
"All of the gold majors are finding it difficult to replace their reserves," he said.

"New mine production will be flat to declining."

RBC Capital Markets in London estimated that total gold production would rise slightly this year and next, be flat in 2008 and start to fall in 2009. "There hasn't been a big gold discovery for years," an analyst said.

Mr Godsell said: "Gold is precious because it is scarce. Twenty years ago the majority of gold was produced by four countries: South Africa, Australia, Canada and the US. In the future it will be anything but. Tomorrow's ounces of gold are going to be in interesting countries."


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Australians are very old race/Ethnie/clad

The Australian-specific distribution of the five haplogroups identified indicates genetic isolation over a long period.

Ancestral connections within Australia are deeper than those reflected by known linguistic or culturally based affinities. a continuity of presence for the descendants of a founding population already established by 40,000 years ago.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

France used to be nation of shop keeper

France used to be nation of shop keeper

In France the street always wins. Personally I think it's too bad not to give the CPE a chance. In other countries, students demonstrate to change the status quo, but in France they demonstrate to keep it-- even though it's visibly not working as a way to full employment.

The French are taught to think like employees. Employees who are terrified of losing their jobs and can't imagine running their own show.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quebec France exception cultural

La cigale, la fourmi et l’exception culturelle
La cigale ayant chanté tout l’été devant des salles vides (elle se prenait pour une artiste mais elle n’avait en réalité aucun talent ) se trouva fort dépourvue quand la bise fut venue. Pas un seul petit morceau de mouche ou de vermisseau !
Elle alla donc crier famine chez la fourmi sa voisine : "Fourmi ma voisine, nous faisons partie du même peuple, un peuple éclairé, ami des arts et des lettres. Nous sommes bien supérieurs sur ce point à toutes les autres nations barbares. Et pourtant mon talent n'est pas reconnu à sa juste valeur. Le croira-tu ? J'ai chanté tout l'été et je suis malgré tout dans le besoin. Ne voudrai tu pas me donner quelques grains pour subsister jusqu'à la saison nouvelle? Tu contribuerai ainsi à sauver le génie artistique de notre belle nation, cette culture exceptionnelle que nous avons reçu en partage et de cette manière..."
La fourmi qui n'est ni préteuse, ni tombée de la dernière pluie lui coupa sèchement la parole : "Dis donc, tu serai pas en train de me faire le coup de l'exception culturelle toi ? Si tu veux couillonner quelqu'un, trouve toi plutôt un Français !" et elle lui claqua la porte au nez.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Polygamy...render low-status men ...unmarriageable

.... a practical observation. Polygamy tends to render low-status men completely unmarriageable,
and their access to women is usually restricted, if not eliminated altogether.

It is difficult to say what precise effect this would have in a modern, Western culture, but while it could have some positive effects with regards to crime and other ills,

it is also theoretically capable of creating a persistent underclass even more prone to destabilizing behavior than before.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Marriage is prostitution with compulsory brand-loyalty.

You die young, or you get old and then die. Those are the available options. You have to do it somewhere. Bangkok is somewhere.


Women exchange sex for whatever they want. Men exchange whatever they have for sex. Call it prostitution, or call it marriage, which is just prostitution with compulsory brand-loyalty.

see also

Friday, March 24, 2006

Affirmative action fools no one.

People aren't stupid.

Diversity and Affirmative Action in general:

People aren't stupid. If certain groups or individuals were admitted due to relaxed standards, classmates can tell quickly. In the course of my undergraduate study I probably met 500+ people who I could identify by name. After meeting enough people, the mind begins to classify - and, yes, stereotype - people, both consciously and unconsciously. The brain is a wonderfully sensitive signal processing machine.
Affirmative action fools no one.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fidelity isn't natural... the resistance to polygamy is much more powerful

Fidelity isn't natural, but jealousy is. Hence the one-spouse rule. One isn't the number of people you want to sleep with. It's the number of people you want your spouse to sleep with.


"What is historically odd is that as gay marriage is gaining acceptance, the resistance to polygamy is much more powerful."

But when you factor in jealousy, the oddity disappears. Women shared husbands because they had to. The alternative was poverty. As women gained power, they began to choose what they really wanted. And what they really wanted was the same fidelity that men

Monday, March 20, 2006

why should women want to do it

Undergrad is four years of useless busywork for people in less competitive degrees -- why should guys want to it, if they won't get much out of jobwise?

My question is, why should women want to do it either? It is a 4 year all expenses paid vacation for the upper middle class kids, but for those who have to pay for it, there's not much value in any degrees except engineering, accounting, computer science, unless you go on to grad school.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alpha male and lies girls tell in .......

Are rugged good looks really more attractive?
OKAY girls.

'Fess up. Do you prefer rugged, testosterone-fuelled good looks in a man, or more sensitive facial features?

And why? A thousand

..ii ..Indonesia, malesia, bush twins, naked french chicks.. i..

Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog - How to comment- Rule to write a comment


Commenter 89 at December 22, 2005 06:35 AM wrote

Now, I can understand deleting comments or removing parts of it with an ellipsis (...), but if anything is added for legibility, it should be put in brackets [like this].

That is a good practice, I like it

Ann Þ

Sunday, March 12, 2006

wives and whores as economic "goods" ...can be substituted for each other

The Economics Of Prostitution

Michael Noer, 02.14.06, 12:00 PM ET

Wife or whore? The choice is that simple. At least according to economists Lena Edlund and Evelyn Korn, it is. The two well-respected economists created a minor stir in academic circles a few years back when they published "A Theory of Prostitution" in the Journal of Political Economy. The paper was remarkable not only for being accepted by a major journal but also because it considered wives and whores as economic "goods" that can be substituted for each other. Men buy, women sell.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

value of a home is determined by the rent it could fetch

The value of a home is determined by the rent it could fetch.

Calculate the future rents, subtract mortgage payments, taxes and other costs, factor in a good annual rate of return of 6 percent or more, and one should be looking at the proper price of a house or condo.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Male surplus problem ? in a... country that adopted polygamy.

http:// marginalrevolution in_defense_of_p.html

But I don't think there would be a male-surplus problem in a Westernized country that adopted polygamy. What would really happen is that men inclined to have more than two spouses would likely import a good number of Second- and Third-World participants.

It's also a mistake to consider solely the effects of a change from monogamy to polygamy by itself. If the switch were combined with a legalization of prostitution, this would reduce the excess demand for wives. Cf. Posner on the subject of sexual marketplace competition.

The reason why polygamy isn't considered woman-friendly is because of other legal rules. How does one resolve questions of divorce? Community property? Child custody? There's no polygamous society that answers these questions in a manner that favors women. Other than prenuptial contracting, there's no legal regime that answers these questions in favor of wives that makes polygamy economically attractive...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The law was powerless to help.. not harm


Vermont has become a very pathetic version of a Simpsons episode. When a character complained to the police that someone what trying to kill her, the chief of police responded by saying, "I'll tell you what I tell everybody who comes in here: The law is powerless to help you".

So the character takes the law into her own hands and attempts battery on the suspect. The police promptly arrive and arrest the lady.

When she says, "I thought you said you were powerless", the chief of police responds "I said the law was powerless to help you, not harm you".

Friday, March 03, 2006

Humour] The American's Guide To France

Humour] The American's Guide To France

France is a medium-sized foreign country situated in the continent of Europe.

It is an important member of the world community, though not nearly as important as it thinks.

It is bounded by Germany, Spain, Switzerland and some smaller nations of no particular interest and with not very good shopping.

France is a very old country with many treasures, such as the Louvre and Euro Disney.

Among its contributions to western civilization are champagne, Camembert cheese and the guillotine.

Although France likes to think of itself as a modern nation, air conditioning is little used and it is next to impossible for Americans to get decent Mexican food.

One continuing exasperation for American visitors is that local people insist on speaking in French, though many will speak English if shouted at.

Watch your money at all times.

France has a population of 57 million people. 52 million of these drink and smoke (the other 5 million are small children).

All French people drive like lunatics, are dangerously over sexed, and have no concept of standing patiently in line.

The French people are in general gloomy, temperamental, proud, arrogant, aloof and disciplined; those are their good points.

Most French citizens are Roman Catholic, though you would hardly guess it from their behavior.

Many French are communists.

Men sometimes have girls' names like Marie or Michel, and they kiss each other when they meet.

American travelers are advised to travel in groups and wear baseball caps and colorful trousers for easier recognition.

In general, France is a safe destination, although travelers must be aware that from time to time it is invaded by Germany.

Traditionally, the French surrender immediately.

A tunnel connecting France to Britain beneath the English Channel has been opened in recent years to make it easier for the French government to flee to London during future German invasions, and for them to offload all their illegal immigrants.

Charlemagne discovered France in the Dark Ages.

Other important historical figures are Louis XIV, the Huguenots, Joan of Arc, Jacques Cousteau and Charles de Gaulles, who was President for many years and is now an airport.

The French form of government is democratic but noisy.

Parliament's principal occupation is setting off atomic bombs in the South Pacific and acting indignant and surprised when other countries complain.

According to the most current American State department intelligence, the President is now someone names Jacques. Further information is not available at this time.


The French pride themselves on their culture, though it is not easy to see why. All their music sounds the same and they have never made a movie that you would want to watch for anything but the nude scenes.

Let's face it, no matter how much garlic you put on it, a snail is just a slug with a shell on its back.

Croissants on the other hand, are excellent, although it is impossible for most Americans to pronounce this word. In general, travelers are advised to stick to cheeseburgers.


France has a large and diversified economy, second only to Germany's in Europe, which is surprising because the French hardly work at all.

If they are not spending four hours dawdling over lunch, they are on strike and blockingthe roads with their trucks and tractors. France's principal exports, in order of importance to the economy, are wine, nuclear weapons, perfume, guided missiles, champagne, guns, grenade launchers, land mines, tanks, attack aircraf, miscellaneous armaments and cheese.


France has more holidays than any other nation in the world.

Among it's 361 national holidays are:

- 197 Saints' days,

- 37 National Liberation Days,

- 16 Declaration of Republic Days,

- 54 Return of Charles de Gaulle-in-triumph-as-if-he-won-the-war-single-handed Days,

- 18 Napoleon-sent-into-Exile-Days,

- 17 Napoleon-Called-Back-from-Exile-Days, and
- 02 'France is Great and the Rest of the World Stinks' Days.

At least it's not Germany !