Saturday, June 24, 2006

“British slave girl” was a unit of currency, were worth 3 cows ???

snip early-medieval Ireland, “British slave girl” was a unit of currency, equivalent to three cows.

Book Review by John Derbyshire

National Review Online
September 13th, 2006

Ann says:
Some one is pulling my leg.
This migth the dowry. Quite a different thing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

School Career Education Money Plumber

There is a lot to be said about being a plumber

commnter said..

. Way back in high school, there was a kid who went to vo-tech, and worked nights for his dad who owned his own plumbing business.
By the time his peers were graduating college, he had been an journeyman plumber for a couple of years and was working on his master.
He also owned a couple of houses and lived in one that he had paid off.
By the time his peers (the ones that made fun of him in high school) got out of law school he owned his own business and had people working for him.

This was 20 years ago. If he wanted to, he could have retired by 30.

He is still working, he has always done new construction so has never had to do the dirtier parts of plumbing, and is

very happy and has been for the last 20 years. There is a lot to be said about being a plumber.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Religious Jews are ? must? could ? be polygamist


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Finding another lover, and having another wife are separate, YY.

As a Jew, there are acts that can be sexual between a man and a woman and not, according to the Torah constitute adultry.

Being married to more than one woman is an entirely separate issue.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Creationist Bible Evolution Os Penis Baculum


606174 Links,

Alternative titles; symbols


Gilbert and Zevit (2001) pointed out that another genetic condition, affecting 100% of human males, is congenital lack of a baculum (os priapi; os penis).
Whereas most mammals (including common species such as dogs and mice)

and most other primates (except spider monkeys) have a penile bone, human males lack this bone and must rely on fluid hydraulics to maintain erections.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Michael Yon and the vultures at HFM -the Bureaucrats

Michael Yon and the vultures at HFM

Taking a stand by Jennifer

Pardon me while I digress (sort of) from shopping for a brief moment.
Michael Yon is a former SF soldier and a self-supporting war journalist, usually reporting directly from Iraq and Afghanistan.
He has been a victim of a large company called HFM Publishing. They stole a moving portrait Michael captured
The vultures at HFM stole this picture
Whatever your views on the war are, we all deserve to know what companies do when we aren't looking.

posted by Jennifer at 8:13 PM

Ann says that this is an another reason not to trust bureaucrats (private or government)


Because bureaucrats never never NEVER NEVER admit mistakes

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IQ ain't all -only horse power

The kind of mental skills the IQ test measured was like horsepower in a car engine. It tells you something but there's a whole lot more to know.


in post and comment


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rastafari believe? in Polygamy

Alice Eddie Backer of Brooklyn, New York

Writes in her blog

Sharon Marley on Rastafari and Polygamy
, it looks like Generation X women (or maybe just Sharon) in the Marley clan are not too thrilled with some of the gender-related implications of Rastafari
unhappy about how Rastafarian women are treated by their men....snip...

She is somewhat conservative on the question of polygamy, which is practised by many Rastafarian men.

"That has been around for many years. I can't change that. My mother didn't fight with any of the mothers of my father's children. But now that my brothers are having children with different women, some of them are not getting along with each other."

Surprise, surprise...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blog-Comments - Anonymity by JD Stemwedel

A very intesting post from

Janet D. Stemwedel (whose nom de blog is Dr. Free-Ride) is an assistant professor of philosophy at San Jose State University. Before becoming a philosopher, she earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.


This is the same principle that drives scientists to compare notes about experimental systems and to try to reproduce each other's experiments: If I'm the only one who sees this, it might all be in my head, but if others are seeing this too, it's really there. A paper diary doesn't offer this kind of sounding board -- nor does a blog without any commenting readers.


In a perfect world, people in the workplace would always respond to your ideas rather than, say, retalliating against you for voicing them. (It doesn't even need to be retalliation; sometimes people just start discounting you if you voice an idea that doesn't fit with their assumptions.)


but some of the people listening aren't fair-minded. Indeed, some of the people listening may be jerks. It doesn't mean you should just shut up, or not try to create safer spaces for speaking up. But you may have to be ready to roll when the road gets bumpier than you expected it to be.


an academic blog I used to read that I enjoyed quite a lot. I had to stop, though, when it became apparent that the (anonymous) blogger was married to someone that I knew. (What clinched it was a post about a social occasion that I attended.) To keep reading the blog would have felt, to me, like a violation of the blogger's trust --

Very good comments also

Ann Þ

Saturday, June 10, 2006

polygynous arrangements to limit family

janegalt html#63892

The resource argument seems a stronger case for why polygynous arrangements might choose to limit family size;

in most cases where polygynous relationships have occurred (less advanced societies, certain segues of the Mormons, various cults) the men are the sole or primary breadwinners,

and the additional wife/wives already represent additional consumption on top of whatever children eventually arrive.
Besides that, the fertility rate among monogamous couples in all societies seems to be correlated inversely to an increase in general wealth and women's rights more than anything else.
Posted by: anony-mouse on May 13, 2006 02:04 PM

Ann says that the above is only full bourgois caca de toro
Ann says that in traditional culture only women are bread winners.

Man sit on top of the hill watching for lions.

and fooling around with next tribe girls.

Ann Þ

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gleen Raynald is a Fraud , a she-mam in hijab, a false libertarian of the mommist bent. Etc...

Today I read the Pundit and I got sick... sick in my humanity

The PUNDIT wrote once too many time

""As always, my lovely and talented cohost is soliciting comments and suggestions.""

I Just could not take it any more. I had to comment on Haylen blog about the sniveling being:



Ann Þ¸ said..

. I Read the instatpundit

""As always, my lovely and talented cohost is soliciting comments and suggestions.""

I will say that your photo shows a good looking woman, I do not know about the talent but could give you the benefit ....

Could you tell The Pundit to stop the groveling in all the posts where he mentions you.
Then I would say that finally you reached equality.

Ann Þ

Which is upset that a woman would accept such display of ( very negative word to be inserted by reader) by a man , any man, and assuredly by a man near to her....

PS I will never read a word from you until HE stops to be a sad puppy.
I will keep reading him but will cringe at every referencence to the.......Helen

June 09, 2006 9:37 AM

******end of comment on Helen blog.

The statement by the pundit is condescendinging, so macho...
And she takes it times after times; Unbelievable.

Worst than wife beating....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Learn to grovel! You will have a longer.? marriage..?


http jerry pournelle.

Rush Limbaugh today said something about having been a husband he understands that husbands are always wrong. I note he's divorced.

The actual truth is contained in two principles. Both apply to husbands.

The first is from Robert Heinlein: "If you are ever in an argument with your wife and discover that you are in the right, apologize immediately."

The second is Pournelle's principal advice to husbands who want a long and successful marriage: Learn to grovel!

I could spend considerable time on why these principles work, and how they have their roots in evolutionary biology (or in the created nature of men and women if you prefer that), ....

Ann Þ says

Yah , but only if you are living with a spoiled American girl (not one of the 2 or 3 thousands exceptions that are adult) raised in Vaginistan.

That explain why real Yankee are going overseas to find a woman

‡ see Fred on everything for one of many bloggers that details the reasons

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweden is kaput, ! Its Peoples are too lazy?



If the public sector were as efficient as Ireland's or Britain's, for example, the expenditure could be reduced by a third for the same service. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions reports that

Swedish doctors see four patients a day on average,

down from nine in 1975. It is less than in any other OECD country, and less than half of the average. One reason is that a Swedish doctor spends between 50 and 80 percent of his time on administration.
Swedes are healthier than almost any other people in the world, but they are also out sick more often than any other people, according to available data. In 2004,

sickness benefits absorbed 16 percent of the government budget,

while health absenteeism has doubled since 1998. With a sickness benefit of up to 80 percent of a recipient's income (depending on his or her wage level), it is not surprising that there is an epidemic of absenteeism.
The system of high taxes and generous welfare benefits worked for so long because the tradition of self-reliance was so strong. But mentalities have a tendency of changing when incentives change. ....
... According to polls, about half of all Swedes now think it is acceptable to call in sick for reasons other than sickness. Almost half think that they can do it when someone in the family is not feeling well, and almost as many think that they can do it if there is too much to do at work. ....
A middle class with small economic margins is dependent on social security.

This was Bismarck's plan when he introduced a
system that would make those

dependent on it "far more content and far easier to handle."

......sclerosis creates a public demand for policies that create even more stagnation. This might help explain the lack of reform in Europe, despite all the political ambitions.
The more problems there are, the more dangerous radical reforms seem to the electorate: If things are this bad now, the logic goes, think how bad they'll be without state protection.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Australoids are from OR are the Neanderthals

Gnxp has revelation from "pconroy "

Razib, John,
Interestingly the inhabitants of Tierra Del Fuego were also phiosiologically unlike other Native Americans, and resembled Australoids more. Many of their initiation ceremonies were similar to Australian Aborigines too.

Curiously some early Cro-Magnon skulls from Croatia IIRC also fell way outside the range of features of modern Europeans and were more like Australoids.
Therefore I'm sticking to my idea that Australoids = Neanderthals, who have undergone some evolution in the last 40,000 years, from their classical feature in Europe.
IIRC, certain brain formation alleles (ASPM?) were at high levels in France (>50%), and in neighbouring areas at around 20-40%, but in Papua-New Guinea, were at 55%. So, if Neanderthals hybridized with early moderns in France or maybe Iberia

Of course there are people who may not have interbred with moderns in the areas other than Australoids, they are the Negritos. The Semang are one such group. Another group are the Negritos of Australis or Barrineans and the Negritos of the Andaman Islands. Of these the Sentinelese
are the most interesting, as the link above says:By their long-standing separation from any other human society they are among the most isolated and unassimilated peoples on Earth

For what it is ?
Ann Þ

Monday, June 05, 2006

Polygamy (Multiple-wife type) legally recognized in Canada

edmontonsun News

OTTAWA -- Multiple-wife marriages have been legally recognized in Canada to award spousal support and inheritance payments.
While the former Liberal government maintained that polygamy is criminal in Canada, documents released to Sun Media through access to information show that polygamous marriages have been recognized "for limited purposes" to enforce financial obligations of husbands with multiple wives.

Update : more in the comments

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grammar-Beautiful: the realis - irrealis distinction

see section 4


A case in point is that of the realis - irrealis distinction.

These are terms widely used by various scholars and in various grammars. The core of the distinction is a desire to distinguish between real events and unreal ones.

That is, events that are or have happened versus events that did not or have not happened but which are possible, probably, hypothetically likely, or could have happened.

As can be seen from the list (which is by no means extensive) is
that irrealis notions cover a wide range of categories
while realis is a relatively simple affair.

The problem is that the term irrealis is used in grammatical descriptions in such a way that normally only a subset of irrealis notions is covered by presumed irrealis morphemes (see Bybee 1998 for a good description of the problem).

The problem is not just limited to morphemes that are called irrealis;

other types of morphemes, such as subjunctive or optative morphemes are affected in the same way.
Palmer (2001) devotes large portions of his discussion to the problem of how to link subjunctive with irrealis, for instance.

The immediate consequence is that it is a priori impossible to compare irrealis morphemes from one language to the next.

Ann Þ

Saturday, June 03, 2006

..a new crime against humanity

quantumghosts treaties

Writes about the UN "Convention of the Preservation of the Human Species...."

I loved this from Dr.Yes.
From the reason article.

Far from there being a "right" to enhance oneself and one's progeny, some institutions and activists currently aim to outlaw various biotech interventions.

For example, the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine prohibits the introduction of "any modification in the genome of any descendants."

I absolutely believe in the right of parents to secure the best possible genetics for their offspring. I'm a transhumanist. I believe in the inviolable right of homo sapiens sapiens to reject disease, aging and death, and to continue to evolve.I found this profoundly silly--

a world overrun by Madonna clones

Ann says what about these, which one should we clone?

click to enlarge

Friday, June 02, 2006

women go for passion ...Real life is really about gender cliche,,1747821,00.html

A tale of two genders: men choose novels of alienation, while women go for passion

Camus tops the male 'milestones' list

Charlotte Higgins, arts correspondent
Thursday April 6, 2006

The novel that means most to men is about indifference, alienation and lack of emotional responses. That which means most to women is about deeply held feelings, a struggle to overcome circumstances and passion, research by the University of London has found.


"We were completely taken aback by the results," said Prof Jardine, who admitted that they revealed a pattern verging on a gender cliche, with women citing emotional, more domestic works, and men novels about social dislocation and solitary struggle.

She was also surprised she said, "by the firmness with which many men said that fiction didn't speak to them".

Ann says
Here is another feministas that never

LISTENED to her brothers, uncles, .....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Iraq:...get a military victory ... by... atrocities... the civilians

Long interesting discussion at

danieldrezner entry_id=2680

J Thomas at April 14, 2006 09:26 AM

Now the US is fighting a non-conventional war, and learning how to do it the hard way.

We've known how to do it all along. We did it successfully in the philippines.

You get a military victory in this kind of thing by doing atrocities against the civilians until they unconditionally surrender.

You can't keep insurgents from killing civilians, and insurgents can't keep you from killing civilians.

You kill more of them and there's no hope in hell the insurgents can drive you away. The civilians will surrender and inform on the insurgents so you'll stop killing them.

They'll stay surrendered for a generation or so and by that time you'll have a lot of collaborators who'll keep the new insurgents away from anything important.

ANN Þ Says :

but the French could not do it in Algeria.

And the USA ....of ? course ? indeed ? could not, will not do it....

Maybe the Middle east is lost (Iran, Iraq, the entire sector of the Levant)