Monday, April 10, 2006

Single woman ..Love..Sex..."college degree" are just high priced work permits

...excepting some fields, degrees are just high priced work permits

I've yet to hear a woman with a graduate degree speak longingly about the plumber of her dreams.

That's because you don't know enough 35+ year old women with graduate degrees. That's about the age when they finally realize that the 35-year-old MBA of their dreams has no interest in dating old shrews like them, and is himself either shopping for a fresh and fertile 22-year-old babymaker or else looks so buff and handsome because he's working out in the gym three nights a week with Biff and Randy.

*That* is when women with graduate degrees start talking about the plumber of their dreams. Or truck driver. Or house painter. Or frankly, *any* man who will put up with their constant yammering long enough to have something that somewhat resembles a relationship

"Western women criminalize masculinity, emasculate their men, assign males fourth-class citizenship (behind females, “their” children, and household pets) – and then are stunned that men are not crawling after them, demanding “relationships?”

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