Monday, May 01, 2006

IN THE US of A Modern marriage ..heterosexual lesbianism

Once again FRED strikes:

Manliness certainly isn’t in demand.

The women of today seem to want a metrosexual who loves to shop, helps with the housework, and never does anything that she wouldn’t want to do. He may wear an earring.

Modern marriage sounds like a sort of heterosexual lesbianism.

The man should be as little like a man as possible while having complementary genitals.

This gelding of men, pushed everywhere in the media (note the universal prevalence of girlish male models with waxed chests and slight figures) can easily be seen as the desired consequence of female hostility to men; the corresponding de-feminization of women, as another front in an anti-male war led by hostile feminists.

Perhaps. I have assuredly thought so at times.

Yet women seem as unhappy in their mannish roles as do men in womanish ones. One thing is sure, which is that women do not understand men—their drives, needs, nature, or inner light.

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