Monday, October 03, 2005

Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy

Ann Althouse said...
Gerry: It's a dysfunctional situation, portending immense social problems. Unmatched males at the bottom of the economic hierarchy and unmatched females at the top -- with the two groups enlarging over time. You don't worry about that?
7:45 AM

This situation has been lived in other times and places.

exemple-a: after both wars europe had strong imbalance

Solution 1: Become part of the groupies or harem of older wiser Man (Men)
Solution 2: marry below and play pretend (a much used solution)
Solution 3: become missionary and then in other place in the world use a mix a solution 2 and 1.

Other exemple: Caribeen (Sp?) Solution 1 and 2 apply

Final exemple: USA today Be single and get baby from plastic bottles then in next generation problem is solved.

Only impediment is that a strong woman sees her heirs loosing their life with loosers or worst.

Society looses nothing but its culture because replacement population will be latinos and asians.

Is that good or part of gods'plan? Þ Þ

Anne who is sad!

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