Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stéphanie Armangau,

Beauvais !? Je viens de Rouen. Et j'ai fais mes études au Havre...

Stephanie ARMANGAU
25, the Esplanade
Suite 1218
Toronto, ON, M5E 1W5

Stéphanie Armangau - Présidente Parfums Passion
Adresse professionnelle :
Parfums Passion 30, rue Pigeon 76420 Bihorel

FRBC8- Journal Clin d’Oeil, Stephanie Armangau, 30 rue Pigeon, FR-76420 Bihorel, FRANCE.
Vente et échanges de miniatures, cartes parfumées, flacons et factices. Expositions didiées à GUERLAIN. Grange de la Petite Madeleine le 06.10.2002. 76420 Bihorel

Information transmise par Stéphanie ARMANGAU ( le 05/09/2002

hissyOk here goes. I found the website a bit distracting with all the ads, they kept getting in the way of reading the text. I found your cause to be heartwarming, but I also as I read came to understand that you do not have time to do any of the things you talk about and are asking for volunteers to do them all for you. You need to run interviews, but you have no car, you want to save cats, but you have no money to do so. You want to promote your website, but you have no money to do that either, so you want others to do it for you.

Sounds like a giant pill to swallow, and though overly ambitious without a real clear direction, you may find many people not willing to help you. Getting advertising for any website is extremely difficult. You need to submit to search engines, and the search engines that used to be free long ago, now cost to submit. Perhaps a better plan for you would be to find people in your immediate area who could foster cats from the shelter you are involved in. That would be a welcome relief for the shelter volunteers and a welcome respite for the cats freed from living in cages.

The french probably comes from the advertising that shows on the page. Click on the text in the wrong place and suddenly all you see is advertising written in French.
TNR1stefarma..I don't think anyone is trying to be mean to you....but you are definately taking on a lot more than you yourself can handle and without having the network already in place (the interviewers, home checkers etc) it is going to be difficult to get your idea off the ground. That being said...I'm not sure why you are trying to tackle the entire process...I thought you were going to provide a website where people could post about cats available...not charge them and then try to find each cat a home. I think you have a wonderful heart and you can certainly help the cats in Toronto...but I think you need to start small (ie pictures of cats looking for advertizing other than your website) and see where it goes from there.


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