Sunday, February 20, 2005

How to be insulting with class

a sample :

You are not as clever or as funny as you might think. We will see whowins the next election. Better get someone besides Gore if you want towin. A "W" woman

Hmm, I'm not as funny or clever as I think, but apparently I'm clever enough to make her want to write to me. Okay, I responded to this one, too:


Of course my buddy Mike Gallagher reads my e-mails on his radio program.But Liberal Idiot Molly Ivins doesn't have the time to write back. And she knowsI'm right. I don't apologize for backing someone who stays above the desk insteadof having young girls below. Still a "W" woman with a brain thank you very much.Only the liberals have to resort to insults to make a point.

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