Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vagina-stan Vagini-stan Peni-stan Wanki-stan Wonki-stan



Kos, the recently and freely elected King of Penistan, only has the most kindly thoughts for the tribe of Uteri. While the Uteri may think themselves proud citizens of an indepedent Vaginastan, kindly King Kos knows you are but the misguided children of a province of a greater Penistan.
From afar would be heard the wailing of wonks in far Wankistan, the province of Penistan least loved by the Uteri.
The Peni Then Would Know the power of the tribe of the Uteri, proud residents all of Vaginastan. But would the Wankers and Wonks be ruled by election of the would be conqueror Uteri called Condi or would they be ruled by the damned dem dame Hillari?
set yourself FREE...
King of Penistan has no clothes. His valiant pawns of Penistan who happily carry his water are merely a well paid roving band of DLC toadies and political operatives.

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