Friday, December 09, 2005

Blogsphere likes beauty! also loves Lawyers ! but more maybe sexual titillation ?...Ø

If you do a search on Bloger you get these numbers:

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The World's Most Beautiful Law Student is Icelandic
Iceland produces more than the world's best butter and medieval sagas:

AND THIS PERSON (one must be PC some of the time)

SAYS (small extract- Read the fine analysis done about these contestants):

My Swimsuit Predicts the Finalists for Miss World"
"Hi again, C. Thanks for granting me another opportunity to deliver my predictions for this year's Miss World beauty pageant. Once again it promises to be a fabulous pageant, as the world watches the anointment of its new female leader...."

Okay, on with my picks for the top three finalists...

Finalist #1: Miss Ecuador, Marielisa Marques Gutierrezecuador.jpg
Lots of controversy surrounds Miss Ecuador this year ...

Finalist #2: Miss Serbia & Montenegro, Dina Dzankovicserbia.jpg
Many say she has an unfair advantage being that she represents two countries ...

Finalist #3: Miss Russia, Yulia Ivanovarussia.jpg
I know, this last pick is something of a shocker as it means this is the first year that I haven't picked Miss China to be in the final three.


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