Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A true eccentric cannot behave otherwise vs tattoo

Exposing shallowness by Theodore Dalrymple

...association between tattooing and criminality is very much stronger (with the exception of that between criminality and smoking) than that with any of the more conventionally investigated factors, such as broken homes, drug addiction, low intelligence, and poor educational attainment.

Show me a man’s tattoos, and I will tell you his criminal record:........................

..........for true individuality does not arise from a decision to be an individual.

A man who decides to be an eccentric, and therefore to behave eccentrically, is not an eccentric at all, but an actor, and usually a bad one at that.

A true eccentric is a man who behaves eccentrically because it simply does not occur to him to behave otherwise.

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