Monday, January 08, 2007

What is wrong with empty pointless sex?

OK I feel like inviting some slut shaming here.

I always took advantage of my femaleness and let guys buy me drinks. Sometimes I would buy them the drinks. Then you can have playful arguments about who pays. Hell, I had lots of booty call relationships too. The guy knew what he was and I made no bones about it. As long as you are up front and honest about it, nobody gets exploited. But I guess all these people want women to feel ashamed for going to bars and ashamed for liking sex. You know, if there wasn't so much rampant slut-shaming, I bet there would be a lot more women willing to go to bars and have no-strings sex. The slut-shaming ultimately bites men in the ass too. Maybe that's why they need to use cheap drinks to lure women to the bar in the first place. Because the women don't want to be seen as sluts looking for empty sex. What is wrong with empty pointless sex?

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