Friday, July 11, 2003

risk to usa - Global Domination

Published on Saturday, April 12, 2003 by the International Herald Tribune
Global Domination Carries Grave Risks
by William Pfaff

...The United Nations, a Pentagon official says, will have no role ‘‘in constructing a democratic Iraq.’’
The intellectual and political position of the administration and its supporters is that the United States, as sole superpower, legitimately defends international order because the United Nations has defaulted on this responsibility


No one is going to stop Washington from doing what it pleases in Iraq, but if it goes against international law it will have to pay and stay. The Bush administration would prefer to have the international community pay for reconstruction



the United States broke the rule ‘‘that democracies do not wage preventive wars’’ by doing what no other democratic state has done

It has caused some other democracies to resort to classic countermeasures against a government newly perceived as a potential threat.
These measures are not military but diplomatic and economic

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